Wish me luck
2002-12-08 10:21:12 ET

I applied for admission into the University of New Mexico, wish me luck. I'm so nervous.

I am the Queen of Screenname ideas.

I love you.

2002-12-08 10:23:22 ET

good luck!!!

2002-12-08 10:23:35 ET


What major?


2002-12-08 10:23:39 ET

Thank you, Azrael, I appreciate it. :)

2002-12-08 10:24:00 ET

Thank you for the luck! Yep, Albuquerque.

Major: Philosophy

2002-12-08 10:30:44 ET

go to a cheapass school if you don't get in. that's what i did.

wait...i got in then realized my school of choice sucked and went to a cheapass school that had cool programs.

2002-12-08 10:31:45 ET

Come to school here in NY instead!

2002-12-08 10:33:45 ET

Cheapass schools will be on my list if I don't get it. Suck.

NY! Woo! I've never been there.

2002-12-08 10:35:09 ET

good luck! FOREVER

2002-12-08 10:35:54 ET

Thank you, Cavefish!!

2002-12-08 11:12:28 ET

::snickers:: NM... hehehehehe

2002-12-08 11:13:08 ET


2002-12-08 11:16:54 ET


2002-12-08 11:17:54 ET

Good luck...what major?

2002-12-08 11:22:46 ET

Philosophy, DevoiD

2002-12-08 11:28:33 ET

you'll get in;) but good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2002-12-08 11:31:42 ET

Thank you, moonglow, I hope I do!

2002-12-08 12:16:37 ET

gooooooood lucccccccccckkkkkkk jocelyyyyyyynnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!! And i'm gunna send yer letter soon...promise :). ~.~

2002-12-08 12:18:46 ET


Everyone is slow writing back. I still have a few to mail out myself.

2002-12-08 12:19:44 ET

i wrote back the day after just haven't put it in the mail! i'll go put it in an evelope RIGHT NOW! :). ~.~

2002-12-08 12:20:47 ET

Haha, yeah, Ekka didn't put hers in the mail yet either, even though it's been written. Lazy.

2002-12-08 12:30:00 ET

I put it in the envelope...my mommy's going to put it in the mail for me tomorrow :). ~.~

2002-12-08 12:30:48 ET

You have your mom do it? Cute!!!

2002-12-08 12:31:21 ET

hehe :) i will be in school and want to make sure it gets to you A.S.A.P.! :). ~.~

2002-12-08 12:32:09 ET

Awww, <3, thank you!

2002-12-08 12:58:27 ET

Good Luck! and you should have my letter by now.

2002-12-08 13:05:20 ET

I have your letter, and your rad patch! I'm writing you back right now.

2002-12-08 13:43:13 ET


2002-12-08 13:53:35 ET

Thank you!! <3

2002-12-08 15:00:55 ET

happy muffins!


i mean good luck!

2002-12-08 15:19:20 ET

Thank you for the muffins and the luck, Freq!!!

2002-12-08 15:20:18 ET

i know its late..but better late than never...

Good Luck my dear!!

2002-12-08 15:20:56 ET

It isn't late at all, Cyndi, thank you!!

2002-12-08 15:23:20 ET


2002-12-08 15:23:43 ET

Hope you're having fun with Aaron!

2002-12-08 15:25:32 ET

he went bye bye :( he should be in TN. right about now...nashvillie i believe.

2002-12-08 15:26:10 ET

That sucks!! :(

2002-12-08 15:27:28 ET

yea he left at 10am.

im ready to go home and pack and head off to DC to live with him.,

2002-12-08 15:29:07 ET

Do it, Cyndi! <3

2002-12-08 15:32:15 ET

i am i am!!

2002-12-08 15:34:01 ET

You are? !!!!

2002-12-08 15:36:29 ET

yes. i ws about ready to jump in the car with him this morning and leave with him..and leave everything behind..but i need stuff...so i hope i have the streangth to leave my mom.

2002-12-08 15:42:11 ET

Cyndi, that would be so rad!! <3 Just remember that your mom is always just a phone call away.

2002-12-08 15:47:36 ET

i know...but my mom makes me miserable sometimes anyways...so i think it will be worth it..all in all..she'll forgive me..if not..i got friends to stay with if something were to happen between aaron and i if it didnt work out.

2002-12-08 15:52:23 ET

True love is about sacrifices, Miss Cyndi! Your mom should understand. If she doesn't, maybe it's for the best?

2002-12-08 18:06:32 ET

she better understand...aaron just makes it feel so right...hes so worth it.

2002-12-08 18:07:14 ET

Did Aaron say he wanted you to go.

2002-12-08 18:08:26 ET

yea he really wants me to go..and i really want to go...

2002-12-08 18:10:58 ET

So the only thing that's stopping you is mom. You're going to have to let go of her sometime, Cynd.

2002-12-08 18:12:38 ET

yea i know..shes the only one kind of stopping me...::sigh:: but as soon as i get home..im going to figure out what im going to take and not going to take....and say "fuck it" and leave.

2002-12-08 18:13:11 ET

That's a very adult thing of you to do, but if it will make you happier DO IT.

2002-12-08 18:50:03 ET

good luck!

2002-12-08 19:05:35 ET

Thank you, Lars!!!

2002-12-08 20:49:47 ET

welcome (-:

2002-12-09 03:18:11 ET

Good luck, Joce!

Love you too ;)

2002-12-09 03:50:06 ET



2002-12-10 12:56:36 ET

good luck girl!

2002-12-10 12:58:35 ET

Thank you, sweetheart!!

2002-12-10 13:00:18 ET

shure! and hey how fuckin high was that cliff you repeled off!?
damn,i'm so afrid of heights!

2002-12-10 13:03:16 ET

hehee Heights are weird with me. I can stand on the edge of a cliff or on the roof of a skyscraper, but I have a problem with standing on top of my house.

2002-12-10 13:04:59 ET

that is wierd! lol
i can go in an airplane (i pray the whole time)
but not on a high roof! funny

2002-12-10 13:05:21 ET

Oh yeah, I'm fine when I fly too.

2002-12-10 13:07:38 ET

That cliff was only about 85 feet. If you look REALLY close, I'm going down upsidedown. Class act.

I'm fine when I fly, but repelling is just SUCH a rush!

2002-12-10 13:08:14 ET

i get nausious or nashious (sp!) on them,and can't stand to look out the window!
funny ting is dat iv'e been on dem like atleast 20 times!

2002-12-10 13:10:26 ET

Go to a hypnotist to fix it, so I can take you out on some cliffs. :)

2002-12-10 13:12:33 ET

hehehhe,no way,to scarry fo me! but thanks anyways :-)
where do you live anyways? that scenery was beautifull!

2002-12-10 13:14:49 ET

You're all strapped in and have a bunch of people holding onto your lines, plus you're tied to trees and all kinds of stuff. Plus the ropes can handle 3,000 pounds or something insane, and you're a fraction of that. :P One day, I promise, I'll make you.

I'm in New Mexico, but that cliff is in Utah just off of the Green River. It was part of a two week rafting trip.

2002-12-10 13:17:04 ET

wooowie! mabe if u come down here,i'd consider perpelling! LOL
yur cute!

2002-12-10 13:18:21 ET

I used to free climb when I lived in Utah...the highest cliff I've ever repelled from was only about 300 ft in yellowstone...

Now I live in Oregon...where there aren't any real mountains...bah

2002-12-10 13:20:22 ET

300 ft is high fo meh! shit!
where in OR?

2002-12-10 13:21:19 ET

DevoiD: That's so RAD. I'm jealous! I used to do boulder climbing, too, but alas...

pinkyish: SWEET! You're cute, too!

2002-12-10 13:22:04 ET

heh are u bi? lol

2002-12-10 13:23:25 ET

i need a girl friend!

2002-12-10 13:24:49 ET

Pinkyish: Portland, OR

2002-12-10 13:26:55 ET

nice,i love oregon!
ugean,ashland,bend,haven't been to portland yet,
do you know a kid named gavin there!?

2002-12-10 13:27:48 ET


2002-12-10 13:31:02 ET

aww to bad,he's a cool guy!
the only reason i like bend is coz i have fond memories of my adventure there! (getting arrested in front of wells fargo)LOL

2002-12-10 13:40:47 ET

I'd go bi just for you, girl. ;)

2002-12-10 13:44:25 ET

hehehe sweet,sweet,sweet! LOL......to bad yur so far away :-(

2002-12-15 16:33:36 ET

you dont suppose you could help me with a new AIM screen name?

2002-12-15 16:36:30 ET

I don't know you well enough. :/

2002-12-16 14:00:42 ET

oh well.

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