Bang, Bang.
2002-12-10 17:16:56 ET

You know you want to pull the trigger.

2002-12-10 17:18:20 ET

I dont!

2002-12-10 17:18:32 ET

What? No! Why?! What? Confused.

2002-12-10 17:18:41 ET have the most random entries.....

2002-12-10 17:18:45 ET


2002-12-10 17:19:07 ET

talking about me again? ;P

2002-12-10 17:19:17 ET

Scarlett: Lieees.

Mech: Bad bad bad BAD BAD bad BAD night.

Will: I try. ;)

2002-12-10 17:19:28 ET

Did you know you're averaging 100 or so posts an entry? Thats pretty impressive

2002-12-10 17:19:47 ET

I'm a fad, it will pass.

2002-12-10 17:20:32 ET

I hope so. really

2002-12-10 17:20:54 ET

You hope I'm a fad?

2002-12-10 17:21:05 ET

JOcelyn...yer under arrest. ~.~

2002-12-10 17:21:18 ET

OrangeBaconBits: You are a handful, but you are a beautiful, intelligent, funny, WONDERFUL handful =)

Joce, it'll get better. (Hey. I'm not late on this entry! hehehe) =P

2002-12-10 17:21:45 ET

Now I'm being arrested? What a night. :P

Who loves Britt, I do I do! <3

2002-12-10 17:22:18 ET

Awwwwww I'm sorry. What happened? Can I do anything to make it better?

2002-12-10 17:22:21 ET

For being to maxiumly AWESOMELY COOL! :). ~.~

2002-12-10 17:22:31 ET

**hands you a beer from his never ending keg o' beer**

2002-12-10 17:22:54 ET

haha the beer dude! ~.~

2002-12-10 17:23:04 ET


2002-12-10 17:23:15 ET

Bad emotional whiney stupid things happened tonight. Not much to do. Thank you, though!

OMG I've never been to jail for being awesomely cool! Do I get to stay in the awesomely cool cell?

Mmmm...BEER. Thanks, mofo.

2002-12-10 17:23:40 ET

:D Love ya!

2002-12-10 17:24:18 ET

I love ya, too, mofo! I hope you get reunited with the Cyndimachine soon!

2002-12-10 17:24:27 ET

Don't be silly! You're not a fad, everybody around the SK lot loves you!

2002-12-10 17:24:44 ET

Oh my, me too!! <3

2002-12-10 17:25:03 ET

w0rd. ~.~

2002-12-10 17:25:53 ET

Aww, I'm sorry. I'm here for ya though if ya need me.

2002-12-10 17:26:22 ET

Joce is definetly NOT a fad. And if she is, consider me terribly trendy! Hehe

2002-12-10 17:27:08 ET

egads! not the "t" word

2002-12-10 17:28:13 ET

So, please...who is going to shoot me?

2002-12-10 17:28:47 ET

don't talk like that joce! ~.~

2002-12-10 17:30:27 ET

hope you feel happy agin soon!
gosh i to am so depressed.......i got in a fight with my husband tonite,and ended up kiking him out,so i'm like all alone,and
so so sad........*crying*

2002-12-10 17:30:44 ET

I HATE THIS, this is the worst night ever.

Thanks, pinkyish.

2002-12-10 17:31:48 ET

Nobody's going to shoot you, Joce.

Cupid, maybe.....

2002-12-10 17:32:09 ET

I hate having to sit back and watch others suffer. I wish there was something I could do! If there is, name it. And this is not including pulling any triggers/levers/etc

2002-12-10 17:34:22 ET

pinkyish and I are in the same boat. Come cry with me, sweetheart.

Thanks everyone, you guys are the best.

2002-12-10 17:36:42 ET

wish i could :-) i fucking woke up today and cryed for 2 damn painfull hours....:-(
what happened with you anyways?

2002-12-10 17:39:25 ET

Eh, personal sludge. Complicated boys, I could say. I'm a damn fool/retard/idiot.

Sorry you're upset, pinkyish. :(

2002-12-10 17:39:27 ET

ok so this thing with my husband happend,
but why i woke up crying is coz my boyfriend got a new girlfriend,and is like not hanging with me much anymore,
i'm just all bummed,having problems with both of them,
i need a girlfriend in times like this......well and for other times too *half way grins*

2002-12-10 17:39:54 ET

I need to cry too.

2002-12-10 17:40:26 ET

ahh so we both r having boy problems,
damit,i wish i was a full lesbian,things would be so much simpler

2002-12-10 17:41:46 ET

Cry with us, babe, join the emo circle. :)

Ick, girls are more complicated than boys, I don't think I could do it. I went asexual a while ago, ahaha.

2002-12-10 17:42:22 ET

I am soooo asexual. Brittany is going to stay SINGLE for EVERRRRRRRR!!!! bwahahaha

2002-12-10 17:42:54 ET

i have no one to cuddle with tonite and i'm so alone.....
i'm glad you kidz are here :-)

2002-12-10 17:43:56 ET

what is a sexual,shit i think hes back........stay tuned........

2002-12-10 17:44:22 ET

I'm just trying to get mine to talk to me, I'm the twat that fucked up.

2002-12-10 17:45:01 ET

To quote the Descendents (because I <3 them sooo much)

"Relationships deteriorate, I've seen it all before
As easy as it is to fall in love, it's easier to fall apart"

2002-12-10 17:45:20 ET

No, no, no. Your a good person. You couldn't of fucked up.

2002-12-10 17:45:20 ET

Britt, that's so true it sucks. :P

2002-12-10 17:45:54 ET

Um, no, trust me. I fucked up biggggg and there is unhappiness flourishing all over. Anger from him, pleading and shit from me...

2002-12-10 17:49:13 ET

god i'm soo hurt and pissed,he's back,guess i'm gonna talk 2 him fo a few and try to work somthing out

2002-12-10 17:50:04 ET

Okay, good luck, sweetpea. <3

2002-12-10 17:50:24 ET

you must have cheated on him then?!? hope you work thing out too,
wish me luck.......ekkkk

2002-12-10 17:51:45 ET

I didn't cheat on anyone, that's just it. :/ I just opened my mouth and said something that was stupid.


2002-12-10 17:53:21 ET

ohhh,i get the idea,i know how dat goes.
be back soon

2002-12-10 17:56:27 ET

boy trouble is in the air. my best friend ran into my ex who crushed me about a year ago. I tolder if she sees him again to get my pictures back and to kick him in the shins. Im so glad i have a Rodin now.

2002-12-10 17:58:46 ET

Kick in the shins! Haha, that's great. Thanks for the cute story to cheer me up a litte bit. :)

2002-12-10 17:59:54 ET

Glad I could help

2002-12-10 18:10:36 ET

i used to teach a firearms safety course :-P

2002-12-10 18:12:06 ET

I used to be a silly little school girl named sally

2002-12-10 18:13:04 ET

Haha, that's great Furax. Now you can shoot me.

2002-12-10 18:17:23 ET

I think your hair is really nice.

sorry. I don't know the whole situation, but everybody says things that take relationships a few steps backwards, but if it's true than it will endure this test! Just have faith that it will work out!

2002-12-10 18:21:29 ET

You like my hair? Oh, wow...thanks!

I fucking launched us back to the stoneage. For real. I have faith, it just never seems to get me very far. Thank you for the kind words.

2002-12-10 18:25:28 ET

Well, it takes work too, and from reading earlier posts it sounds like you are currently working at it.

I want to say more, but I can't think of more to say.

If it means anything, I'll pray for you :)

2002-12-10 18:28:05 ET

Thanks, I appreciate that. I'm too much a handful, it seems. Even the most patient, caring, wonderful people can't handle how much I carry with me sometimes.

You know? People online are always so full of compliments. "Oh Jocelyn, you're pretty, I can't believe you've NEVER had a boyfriend before. Any guy would be lucky..."

It makes me feel better, but it isn't true. I'm too much to handle. 40 year old virgin club, here I come! :P

2002-12-10 18:32:45 ET

Hey, there's nothing wrong with that! I'm waiting till I'm married to have sex, and that may never happen!

They're just commenting on what information you give them and what pictures you let them see. And I get a similar thing...people compliment me and it's still no girlfriend for me.

I'm not sure about what you mean by "carrying with you". If you mean problems, well, some people can carry heavier stuff than others. Nobody can take on everything all at once, you gotta build up that strength.

Um, rambling.

It's true you're pretty. Very pretty. Well, as far as my opinion, anyway. I can't really change your opinion though :-/

What sort of thing do you mean by "too much to handle"? I'm not quite following you there.

2002-12-10 18:38:21 ET

I am an emotional fucking nutcase. I'm needy. I'm loud. I'm abrasive at times. I require a lot of openness. I'm loving. I'm passionate. I'm hateful. I'm selfish. I'm giving. I'm patient. I'm impatient.

Looks, as nice as they are to have, mean nothing. You can be Pamela Fucking Anderson but if you're a crazy cunt with an explosive personality and a whole fucking lot of emotions,'s messy and no one wants to deal with it. Maybe younger guys don't really focus on the wonders of human psychology and merely worry themselves with what their hormones says they should have.

Holy fuck. I don't know. People are just...complicated to figure out. I'm NEVER had to figure anyone out before. I moved my whole fucking life, I just had to say hi and bye, and my job was done.


2002-12-10 18:56:12 ET

A rose is pretty, and it's okay to say so. A rose being pretty may not be all that constructive, but it's okay to admire nature's beauty.

And no matter what anybody says, there has to be some sort of attraction between two persons.

But really, even though I won't claim I'm to the same degree as you, because I just met you today, but I'm moody and emotional.

Nobody's perfect! Nobody has everything! There is always a quirk or a dark side to a person! It's something that friends have to learn to accept. To you, your burden is unable to be carried by anybody else. there is no perfect person that can deal with things all the time!

I am starting to sound like I know everything. I assure you, and as I'm sure you've gathered, I don't. I'm just trying to help, mind you1

2002-12-10 19:02:20 ET

I don't think your needy or abrassive. You seem great. Cheer up! *dances* SEE! I'M HAPPY! YOU BE HAPPY TOO GODDAMNIT! :D

2002-12-10 19:22:16 ET

No shoot me dammit!

2002-12-10 19:43:38 ET

Trigger? I prefer something large and blunt.

2002-12-10 20:19:41 ET

Large and blunt? Like what?

2002-12-10 21:15:43 ET

A herring.

2002-12-10 21:16:02 ET

lol, herring, a... a fish?

2002-12-10 21:17:31 ET


2002-12-10 21:24:26 ET


2002-12-10 21:27:56 ET

heh. Geek humor.

2002-12-10 21:42:55 ET

Neep?! The nights of who say neep? I thought it was neep. Oooh but they changed, right?

Your talking about Monty Python and the Holy Grail, right?

2002-12-10 21:59:45 ET

yes. And it was Nee.

2002-12-10 22:00:11 ET

Hrmmm. Okay. Night night!

2002-12-10 22:00:36 ET

G'night. Sleep tight.

2002-12-11 02:51:58 ET

Trigger? Who-what-huh?

2002-12-11 03:37:41 ET

I can't believe it took 80 posts til I saw this.

2002-12-11 04:11:15 ET

At least you made it Cavefish. <3

Rikki, you made my day.

Sheen, I think the dust has more or less settled on all of my emo shit.

Reaper: I appreciate you taking the time to hash things out with me, I was waaaaaay emo last night. Stupid estrogen. :P

2002-12-11 04:21:05 ET


2002-12-11 06:22:25 ET

I CERTAINLY WILL NOT SHOOT MY JOCELYN....NEVER!!! I want to hug her and bury her in kisses.

2002-12-11 06:39:21 ET

When it all comes down to it we are all damaged goods. You just have to find the person that you can handle their problems and go about life with cause noone is perfect. Dont worry things will work out and if he gives ya any shit ill kick him in the shins for ya.

2002-12-11 06:48:13 ET

me too!

2002-12-11 09:09:11 ET

Wow! You're so popular! I've not seen anyone yet with as many comments on their journals as you. I'm jealous. So, who's it aimed at..'cause I might just want to pull that there trigger.

2002-12-11 09:11:47 ET

Ekka, I will pay to see that ;)

2002-12-11 09:30:52 ET

Keep your money. I will do it for free.

2002-12-11 09:33:05 ET


2002-12-11 12:05:25 ET

heh heh, glad you're feeling better, Jocelyn

2002-12-11 13:43:58 ET

yeah i was gonna say chaotic,ya kinda reminded me of my self!
ya last night was very emo! things are somewhat better for me today(at least with the husband thing)!

2002-12-11 14:59:32 ET


Rockabettie, ahahaha, my posts can be comment attractants, sometimes...they're just boring and no one does. Depends. And the gun was pointed at me. ;)

2002-12-11 15:20:13 ET

I love Joce!!!

2002-12-11 16:03:15 ET

Joce is so nice.

2002-12-11 16:03:15 ET

Joce is so nice.

2002-12-11 16:13:37 ET

Joce love you too, sunshine, I sent your letter off, Kathy.

2002-12-11 19:42:44 ET

Ha, I got your letter you fool!

2002-12-11 20:05:54 ET


2002-12-11 20:11:05 ET

Not you! But you can write me if you want too.

2002-12-12 05:22:32 ET

You got my letter? YIPPIE!!! You best write back, and include your REAL name, ahaha!

2002-12-12 05:26:21 ET

Yes, I could include my real name. But that what give away my super hero secret identity!

2002-12-12 05:30:31 ET

Oh no! I promise not to tell!

2002-12-12 07:18:27 ET

I Want A Letter from Joce

2002-12-12 07:23:11 ET

with pizza grease!

2002-12-12 11:40:00 ET

You loved the pizza grease, you know you did.

Okay, I'll write you, then!

2002-12-12 11:41:33 ET

get my letter? ~.~

2002-12-12 11:41:49 ET

I did, just today! You are the CUTEST THING!!!

2002-12-12 11:42:24 ET

woot! good timing! haha. thhhhaaankkk you! :). ~.~

2002-12-12 11:43:59 ET

did yuh like my drawings!? hahah. ~.~

2002-12-12 11:45:19 ET

Dang Jocelyn, you sure do write a lot of letters!

2002-12-12 11:46:24 ET

wish i could get around to writing letters betters....heh

2002-12-12 12:35:11 ET

The drawings RULED. Yeah, I wrote upwards of 20 letters.

2002-12-12 12:45:12 ET

thanks :). haha. ~.~

2002-12-12 13:59:41 ET

Bye you.

2002-12-12 14:03:39 ET

No, Brit! NO!

2002-12-12 14:04:23 ET

Im so gonna cry!

2002-12-12 14:04:59 ET

So am I. :'(

2002-12-12 14:27:38 ET

Me too :(

2002-12-12 15:59:54 ET

Emo kids!

2002-12-12 16:11:41 ET

Britt is leaving us!

2002-12-12 16:12:08 ET

NO Britt is gone. I am worried about her.

2002-12-12 16:13:11 ET

Oh no. I am so sad, she's so awesome.

2002-12-12 16:13:34 ET

I know, she already deleted her page and everything.

2002-12-12 16:13:53 ET

That is so fucking sad.

2002-12-12 16:14:42 ET

Yup, I wish she would have said why she was leaving.

2002-12-12 16:15:24 ET

I talked to her, and she semiexplained things, but it's still cryptic.

2002-12-12 16:15:59 ET

BAh! Well hopefully one day she will come back.

2002-12-12 16:16:14 ET

I hope so, too. She ruled.

2002-12-12 16:17:28 ET

Yes she did, I will miss her, and Pheel (I think he died or something).

2002-12-12 16:18:09 ET

She doesn't think anyone misses her. Poor Britt.

2002-12-12 16:19:01 ET

OMG! does she have yahoo??

2002-12-12 16:22:11 ET

She has AIM, and not Yahoo!

OrangeBaconBits on AIM.

2002-12-12 16:22:48 ET

OK kewl

2002-12-12 16:43:28 ET

OrangeBaconBits: I feel like I'm going to be sick. I need to go. May not be back for a long time either. Thanks for the concern, I guess. If I ever come back I'll try to keep in touch. Bye.

yes Im worried.

2002-12-12 17:22:14 ET

:( :( I'm terribly worried.

2002-12-17 21:29:48 ET

Just wanted to reply that i got your letter. Thanx.
I'll get back to you after my retarded weekend which is pretty much starting today.

2002-12-18 03:43:34 ET

Yay, you got my letter! <3

2002-12-18 03:44:40 ET

O_0 Boo!

2002-12-18 03:44:55 ET


2002-12-18 03:45:43 ET

HEehehehe!!! Hey!

2002-12-18 03:47:25 ET

Morning, sunshine! How are you?

2002-12-18 03:49:02 ET

Never been better, although im at work **cries** I cant wait to get home!! And you???

2002-12-18 03:54:21 ET

I'm sick, and I have finals. Die.

2002-12-18 04:27:28 ET

ACK not fun!! Well good luck with the finals and get better damnit!

2002-12-18 04:31:43 ET

Thanks!!! I'm so tired of being sick all the time.

2002-12-18 04:50:25 ET

Drink more beer, its the path to a healthy life! ; D

2002-12-18 11:12:31 ET is mucho better!! yeay!
i had sex for like 10 hours the other night! yeay!
i'm all bright and happy (like i always am after really great fucking) LOL hehehe

2002-12-18 11:19:01 ET


2002-12-18 11:27:24 ET

!!!! yeay for life!

2002-12-18 14:27:00 ET

10 hours.
Holy God.

2002-12-19 14:40:19 ET

yes! but we(the 3 of us!heh)slept for 2 hours inbetween! LOL
so i guess it wasn't 10 straight!
but i had another 3some lastnight.......OMG!!!
what great work outs iv'e been having!! LOL hehehehahahaha
go read my new journal thing people!!
(just some continplating)

2002-12-22 09:14:59 ET

bah you people know me too well.

*goes back to leaving cap guns in peoples mail boxes*

2002-12-29 19:21:46 ET


2002-12-29 19:25:19 ET


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