2002-12-20 15:56:36 ET

Everything is wonderful. Christmas is coming, gifts have been purchased and life is just grand. I love it when things turn around like this.

Ding, Buns Are Done:

I also got Mike's gift. Thank you so much.

Britt (JustLikeYou) called and she says HI TO EVERYONE!

2002-12-20 16:01:25 ET

hell yeah the retard xmas carol..would you like an apple pie with that...

2002-12-20 16:02:12 ET

Haha, I love it so much. It brings warm feelings of Christmas joy to my heart. ;)

2002-12-20 16:02:25 ET

Dude, we're both all black and white. Rad.

2002-12-20 16:03:25 ET

whoa that is rad!

2002-12-20 16:03:57 ET

It's going to be a shock when someone posts with their color avatar, haha.

2002-12-20 16:04:36 ET

::ding buns are dooooooooooonnnnnnneeeeeeeee:: haha the ending is the best!

2002-12-20 16:04:57 ET

I know, ahahahaha, I love it.

Where is the bell? Can't find the bell...

2002-12-20 16:06:09 ET

DING buns are done DING buns are done....I wear paper hats

2002-12-20 16:07:22 ET

I work at Burger King making flaming whoppers...

2002-12-20 16:08:50 ET


2002-12-20 16:09:04 ET


2002-12-20 16:09:06 ET

At least I think that's what he says.

2002-12-20 16:09:19 ET

Yay Ashton, welcome to the party!

2002-12-20 16:09:53 ET

haha shes COLORED

2002-12-20 16:10:12 ET

I know, it hurt my eyes for a second.

2002-12-20 16:10:32 ET

whoa that sounded racist....

2002-12-20 16:10:58 ET

HAHAHAH! Another funny holiday found on a friend's AIM info: 12 days of christmas, kwanzaa style!!

On the (#) day of Kwanzaa my bizatch gave to me...
1- a 40ounce for me and my homez
2- 2 platinum chains
3- 3 parking tickets
4- 4 20inch rims
5- 5grams of dro
6- 6 turntables
7- 7 driveby shootings
8- 8 fried chicken wings
9- 9 stolen nikes
10- 10 ghetto caddis
11- 11 projekt bytchz
12- 12 gangsta homiez

2002-12-20 16:11:08 ET

HAHA! I promise my journal isn't segregated. ;)

2002-12-20 16:11:25 ET

HAHAHA, ASHTON!!! That's great!

2002-12-20 16:11:35 ET


2002-12-20 16:11:52 ET

I thought it was hilarious! Note: Ashton is NOT racist. I LOVE BLACK PEEPS, YO!

2002-12-20 16:12:03 ET

I want to be a projekt bytch!

2002-12-20 16:12:39 ET

haha...well i have to go and let the puppy out...be back in 5...

2002-12-20 16:12:58 ET

Okay, I shall eagerly await your return!

2002-12-20 16:15:59 ET

Puppy peee... oh yes Joce! Thug projekt bytchz, fo 'sho mai nizzle... Oh dear.

2002-12-20 16:18:34 ET

Mai? HAHAHA, not even tru thugz say dat, yo.

but i kan bE a ravEr!



2002-12-20 16:21:37 ET

Im back...

2002-12-20 16:22:31 ET

You're back! <3

2002-12-20 16:23:02 ET

LOL... naaaa most ravers are white... mai = aZn sTyLe bIaTcH...

2002-12-20 16:24:38 ET

haha...FUN! I wanna talk like a raver...

2002-12-20 16:25:40 ET

aZn? What does THAT mean?

Do it, and post your hot raver talk here.

2002-12-20 16:26:12 ET

ravin' iz thE kewlEst! Got an*EE glowstickz? i wish i kould ravE in muh slEEp! PLURrit*EE PLUR PLUR!


2002-12-20 16:27:43 ET

i am so stupid... Oh muh gawd, I'm rollin'! i just don't know what do to anymorE. WinniE-thE-pooh is da bomb-diggity! i mEan... It's just so fuzz*EE! i takE all thE Ex... HavE a bracElEt. but i don't think that'z it. ahhh! Do yEw want a back massagE? muh brain iz Explodin' and muh back iz wikE totall*EE fuckEd up! Kan I touch your backpack?



2002-12-20 16:28:08 ET

aZn = Asian

2002-12-20 16:28:12 ET

Hahahhaa, that scares me! It just inserts random stuff in the middle of everything.

2002-12-20 16:28:31 ET

Oh, ASIAN. silly me.

2002-12-20 16:28:34 ET

i wub to Eat kand*EE and rot muh tEEth. auz roddEn iz a vEr*EE grEat band and i am wistEnin' to thEm right now...haha i wub kasEy....<3 but hE doEsnt wub mE bEkausE i think bEnji iz hot... Oh muh gawd, I'm rollin'!


haha thats some fucked up shit

2002-12-20 16:28:41 ET

I am now wyt.

2002-12-20 16:29:54 ET

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! I love this... where do you find all this!?!?! FIND MORE JOCE!

2002-12-20 16:30:44 ET

I have a lot of free time, I guess.


2002-12-20 16:31:28 ET

kasE*EE doEsnt wub mE anymorE....=( ::tEar::


2002-12-20 16:32:09 ET

how kan kasE*EE not wub you anymorE, wErd-- you'rE so hot and rad! PLURrit*EE PLUR PLUR!


2002-12-20 16:33:11 ET

This is the note from the bottom of the raver one, translated: notE: thiz iz supposEd to bE funn*EE! Man, I`m rollin' hard! if you don't wikE thE translation that komEz back, you nEEd to wightEn up. Kan I touch your backpack? if you fEEl thE nEEd to sEnd hatE mail, you kan find thE author of thiz script at ErniE@dEsErddrancE.kom. I'm a kutE widdlE kand*EE ravah! but i rEsErvE thE right to publikally-ridikulE you. Thiz list iz nuttin' but DrAmA!


2002-12-20 16:33:28 ET

HAHAHHA! You showed me that!

2002-12-20 16:33:59 ET

Hahahaha, it always makes us hug.

2002-12-20 16:36:11 ET

Because hugging is like hugging while having sex for people on ex (90% of ravers XD)

2002-12-20 16:37:56 ET

I wouldn't know.


2002-12-20 16:40:22 ET


2002-12-20 16:41:05 ET



2002-12-20 16:41:11 ET

... Just ask anyone's who has hugged someone while on ectasy.

2002-12-20 16:41:41 ET


2002-12-20 16:42:24 ET



2002-12-20 16:43:27 ET

jagikagag <--- try to read Jocey! GO ON! BLOW UP YOUR BRAIN!

2002-12-20 16:44:37 ET

That wasn't that hard. Anyway...

2002-12-20 16:45:07 ET


2002-12-20 16:45:56 ET


2002-12-20 16:46:21 ET


2002-12-20 16:47:03 ET


2002-12-20 16:47:13 ET

So what about them yankees?

2002-12-20 16:47:25 ET

I hate baseball.

2002-12-20 16:48:24 ET

OH nevermind... wait... it's too dark. Wait no... YAY! hot boy...

2002-12-20 16:49:00 ET

::thumbs down:: How can you hate baseball!? >.<

2002-12-20 16:49:06 ET


2002-12-20 16:49:25 ET

Yankees suck though... I hate them.

2002-12-20 16:49:29 ET

It's really easy.

Baseball sucks.

The end.

2002-12-20 16:50:45 ET

That's because you hump Survivor... (wow that was the most lame comeback.. ::bang::)

2002-12-20 16:51:20 ET

I hump Survivor?

What does that have to do with stupid potbellied men whacking balls with large, wooden sticks?

2002-12-20 16:52:07 ET

indeed...fuck baseball

2002-12-20 16:52:41 ET

::weird look:: They aren't potbellied though...

2002-12-20 16:53:35 ET

some are...

2002-12-20 16:53:46 ET

Plenty are. Babe Ruth was so fat. And lots of those men have nice sized guts. And it's a boring game. OMG HE HIT THE BALL. OMG HE'S TOUCHING BAGS WITH HIS FEET!

2002-12-20 16:55:22 ET

SOME are... I will admit that. NOT ALL!

2002-12-20 16:55:35 ET


2002-12-20 16:55:42 ET

J.T. Snow = ::drool::

2002-12-20 16:56:15 ET

I prefer watching HOCKEY. Look at the large, sexy men hit each other! And poke each other with sticks! And chase a hot disk everywhere!

I even prefer football to baseball. Haha.

2002-12-20 16:56:36 ET


2002-12-20 16:57:08 ET

YAY! Hockey IS great! Yes... BUT FOOTBALL!??!?! NO.. Baseball rules over Football ANY DAY>:..

2002-12-20 16:57:53 ET

I'd rather watch a bunch of men tackle each other than watch a man run around in circles.

2002-12-20 16:58:29 ET


2002-12-20 16:58:35 ET

hahah thats great. haha i cant stop laughing hehe. :oP

2002-12-20 16:58:55 ET

Football players = Men how are too big and tough to just come out of the closet... look how much time they spend practicing and how little time they spend with WOMEN!!!

2002-12-20 16:59:10 ET

NY Rel-X kicks my ass....

2002-12-20 17:01:45 ET

ERIN! Woo! Glad you liked it. <3

2002-12-20 17:23:18 ET

lol, I've seen that before... But I don't know where.
I like your new avatar. Cutie. ;)

2002-12-20 17:42:20 ET

I'm so glad you're happy again!

2002-12-20 18:51:25 ET

Thank you, mechababy.

Thanks, Reaper, me too!

Britt (JustLikeYou) called and she says HI TO EVERYONE!

2002-12-20 19:06:34 ET

where do you find these things? i can never find any. and if i do they suck and arent neat like that one. hehe

2002-12-20 19:08:59 ET

I usually hear about them from friends, and I use google.com to find it. ;)

2002-12-20 19:12:43 ET

thanks :oD what do you search for? sorry for all the questions hehe. i just love those things hehe

2002-12-20 19:17:02 ET


2002-12-20 19:28:23 ET

http://www.albinoblacksheep.com Erin, they have a ton of hilarious stuff there.


2002-12-20 19:37:33 ET

haha :oD thank you sooo much!!!

2002-12-20 19:38:55 ET


2002-12-20 19:39:37 ET

You're welcome. <3


2002-12-20 20:41:03 ET


2002-12-21 01:16:49 ET

you rule!
also, how did Britt sound?

2002-12-21 01:17:35 ET

better? worse? the same?

2002-12-21 02:52:43 ET

Jesus, why are there never fewer than 90 friggin' comments when I finally show up? :P

Tell Brittany to come back, dammit.

2002-12-21 02:54:19 ET

yeah rudeboy, ditto

and yes tell brittany to come back and tell her hi and i miss her dreadfully and if she doesnt come back soon i might just turn all emo or something terrible like that!!

2002-12-21 06:03:09 ET

Um, Sheen...I'd tell Britt to come back but a computer isn't exactly at her disposable at the moment. She called me from a payphone. And from there, she was going to try and find a place to stay. Shits rough. :(

2002-12-21 10:54:58 ET

Oh shit. :( I had a feeling this would happen.

2002-12-21 11:00:04 ET

Yeah, she said she was really excited I was home, because she was lonely and just wanted someone to talk to. I am SO WORRIED, I wish Florida wasn't so far away.

2002-12-21 11:17:18 ET

I'm worried too.

2002-12-21 13:39:36 ET

if she calls again, can you tell her we're all worried sick about her?

Maybe we can find another floridian SK-er that can help her out a little, with a place to stay, or something... I dunno. I wish I could help.

2002-12-21 13:40:17 ET

hell, we HAVE an extra bedroom. but unfortunately, we're not in Florida

2002-12-21 14:46:29 ET

I'll be sure to tell her that, Cavefish, thank you. :)

2002-12-21 14:56:44 ET

call me Norm :)

man, I wish I'd won the lottery or something. then I could just wire her a jillion dollars, and she could get a place to stay

2002-12-21 15:23:55 ET

Yeah, the jackpot here is $215 million so I got my tickets. If I win ANYTHING, it goes to the SAVE OUR BRITTANY fund. ;)

2002-12-21 15:25:13 ET

I hard somethign about a giant lottery down in el stateso

2002-12-22 10:19:05 ET

wow, i was going to comment something meaningful and add to the discussion...but 109 comments is just plain intimidating ;)

2002-12-22 10:40:08 ET

Hahaha! I don't bite, I swear.

2002-12-22 10:51:50 ET

biting is fun

2002-12-22 10:59:12 ET


2002-12-22 12:06:16 ET


2002-12-22 12:20:44 ET

This is from Britt:

OrangeBaconBits (3:13:23 PM): I love ya... I love Sean... I love Lars...I love Norm. Damn not being able to post comments. I just wanted to say thanks... everybody...so much... I <3 them all.

2002-12-22 12:22:53 ET

Awwwwww :)

2002-12-22 12:56:50 ET

have your self a merry little festivus!

2002-12-22 22:11:20 ET

oh, well what if *I* bite??

2002-12-22 22:24:11 ET

yay! ^_^

i miss her! <pouts>

2002-12-23 06:19:19 ET

Then please, Jake, bite away. ;)

I miss her too, Lars.

2002-12-23 10:43:38 ET

You put me to shame with how many comments you get.

2002-12-23 10:52:56 ET

Awwww. <3 I love you, Ekka!

2002-12-23 13:04:37 ET

Joce is some kind of super space comment-getter

2002-12-23 14:26:11 ET



2002-12-23 15:04:21 ET

I'm a master of words. I really am.

2002-12-24 11:41:56 ET

Merry Tuesday, SSCG!

2002-12-24 11:42:23 ET

nawm abrahms

2002-12-24 11:44:03 ET

you too, Berto. enjoy today and every other day, or else

2002-12-24 11:48:01 ET

Merry Tuesday! <3

2002-12-25 07:47:31 ET

Haven't talked to you in awhile, or even really updated my own journal, but I just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (Can't wait til it is over!)hehehe! :)

2002-12-25 14:30:32 ET

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, too!

2002-12-27 12:05:48 ET

Merry Christmas to you. (late)

2002-12-27 12:59:02 ET

And a very happy New Year to you! ;)

2002-12-27 15:29:49 ET

happy day of pants!

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