2002-12-28 17:03:21 ET

I am too impulsive. It's official. I just got a job...but...what the fuck was I thinking?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I'm absolutely dreading going back to school.

Please Read

2002-12-28 17:05:20 ET

don't go back!

2002-12-28 17:06:36 ET

But then I wouldn't have a future. :(

2002-12-28 17:07:14 ET

i want a job right now

2002-12-28 17:07:34 ET

So did I. HAHA, I'm going to hell.

2002-12-28 17:09:15 ET

what is the job?

2002-12-28 17:09:43 ET

It's tasteful, I swear. ;)

2002-12-28 17:11:47 ET

ok....i was wondering because if your going to hell you know :-p

2002-12-28 17:12:20 ET

ok....i was wondering because if your going to hell you know :-p

2002-12-28 17:13:08 ET

Hahaha, it really isn't that bad. My mom got those big "BUT YOU'RE MY LITTLE BABY" eyes at me and said, "I don't think its a good idea." Bwahahaha.

2002-12-28 17:14:19 ET

*makes me wonder even more*

2002-12-28 17:15:33 ET

I'll PM you, mwahahaha.

2002-12-28 17:15:46 ET

what's the job?

2002-12-28 17:16:28 ET

...I'll PM you, too. HAHA.

2002-12-28 17:24:59 ET


2002-12-28 17:25:38 ET

some exotic dancing thang? :B PM me too!

2002-12-28 17:26:00 ET

whats the job?!?!?!

2002-12-28 17:26:38 ET

It's not quite..."exotic" dancing...hahaha.

2002-12-28 17:37:06 ET

And now you all know. :)

2002-12-28 17:38:01 ET

what a wonderful job

2002-12-28 17:38:45 ET

I know, huh? :D

2002-12-28 17:56:13 ET

aww school blows. and so do jobs. but at least youll be making the cash money. hehe. where ya work?

2002-12-28 17:57:19 ET

I'll PM it to you, too.

School will be nice to finish out, though, and have some time to myself.

2002-12-28 17:57:48 ET

good old school.

2002-12-28 17:58:24 ET

I won't have many classes next semester either. SWEET.

2002-12-28 17:59:33 ET

i <3 exotic dancers.

2002-12-28 18:00:09 ET

lack of clases=fun tim at school.
also, extra sleep.

2002-12-28 18:01:23 ET

I am not an exotic dancer. ;)

Yes. We get extra sleep anway, but I get extra extra sleep.

2002-12-28 18:02:52 ET

that's double-extra, for laypersons out there.

2002-12-28 18:05:18 ET

I enjoy sleeping so much. sl0thc0r3

2002-12-28 18:07:09 ET

sleep is amazing. I had like, ten hours of it in the past day. WHOO!

2002-12-28 18:10:08 ET

ah a scandalous job, eh?
i used to work at an "adult store" about 3 years ago.
it was extra money, so whatever...but my mom still gives me the business about it from time.

2002-12-28 18:10:23 ET

I've been sleeping a ton, too. Thank you, America's Christian foundings!

2002-12-28 18:10:48 ET

Yeah, this is sort of like an adult store. Its really not that dirty or anything, it's classy.

2002-12-28 18:10:52 ET

I applied at all the adult stores in town. then I got a different job. but boy oh boy, would I have loved to be the one-stop porn alternative.

2002-12-28 18:11:17 ET

Sleep, I remember that.

I think i used to do that when I was a kid.

2002-12-28 18:11:37 ET

Haha, I imagine you'd love to be at a porn store. Who wouldn;t?

2002-12-28 18:11:47 ET

Awww, I'm sorry Doktor. :(

2002-12-28 18:12:18 ET

s'ok. I'm making good music tho!

2002-12-28 18:12:40 ET

Insomnia breeds creativity.

2002-12-28 18:13:03 ET

and creativitiy breeds insomnia.

2002-12-28 18:13:44 ET

it's a vicious cycle.

2002-12-28 18:14:29 ET

the place where i worked was cool too.
we actually had some decent clothes and shoes and we carried comic books.
it was a well-rounded adult store, if you will.

2002-12-28 18:14:39 ET

Very vicious. Meow.

2002-12-28 18:14:56 ET

Sounds plenty well rounded to me, ahaha!

2002-12-28 18:15:00 ET

Insomnia breeds creativity? ya think? ;)

2002-12-28 18:17:55 ET

Hahaha, I figured someone would bring that up. :P

2002-12-28 18:18:45 ET

most of the shops around town have a huge selection.

and yes, vicious like a tricycle with teeth.

2002-12-28 18:21:59 ET

Tricyle...with teeth?

2002-12-28 18:23:32 ET

pretty vicious cycle, if you ask me.

2002-12-28 18:24:52 ET

Yeah, rrrwar. It eats little kids for BREAKFAST.

2002-12-28 18:26:56 ET

yeah. and flosses with their shoelaces. unless they're wearing sandals. then it's so vicious it doesn't even floss.

2002-12-28 18:27:23 ET

That is so hardcore. ch1ldf00dc0r3

2002-12-28 18:27:34 ET

yes yes PM me too :)

cuz im a curious little cyndi

2002-12-28 18:31:31 ET

dude, I have to pee.

this message is brought to you by the letter P. of course.

2002-12-28 18:32:25 ET

When I was little I sold myself to the local porno shooters. Just gettin some pocket change for the corner arcades.

Nah, that's not for real.

My Christmas was very very good. How was yours?

2002-12-28 18:33:52 ET

Have fun peeing.

You have been PMd Cyndi.

My Christmas rocked hardcore.

2002-12-28 18:35:19 ET

wooo! yea i got it! very nice. sounds fun actaully.

2002-12-28 18:36:58 ET

boy, that was a nice pee. I'm ready for more beverage, now.

2002-12-28 18:43:58 ET

sorry, Jocelyn, I think I just killed your thread

2002-12-28 19:10:07 ET

It will be so fun. If you're not afraid, I'll share the pictures when they come in.

You didn't kill anything, I was making dinner.

2002-12-28 19:29:54 ET

hehe yes share pictures.

2002-12-28 19:34:44 ET

pictures = good.
also, I just found my antiperspirant. I'd thought it missing, and bought a new stick. FANCY THAT.

2002-12-28 19:56:26 ET

MMMMMMM, deodorant ruuuuules.

<3 You know I will, Cyndilou.

2002-12-28 19:58:22 ET

yes. and there's a POWER STRIPE. it's so XTREME.with no first E.

Method man and Redman are all like "yo, foo, buy this, represeeeee'" and I was like "okay! :D "

with an emoticon and everything

2002-12-28 20:03:03 ET

may or may not have actually happened.

2002-12-29 02:49:11 ET

Jesus Christ. It's 5 AM, I'm not reading 2000 replies.

2002-12-29 03:01:17 ET

comment #67

2002-12-29 03:10:56 ET

PM me too, Joce ;)

2002-12-29 09:08:35 ET

I love you, Sinsation. <3

PMing you, Sheen!

2002-12-29 13:06:35 ET


2002-12-29 13:18:16 ET


2002-12-29 13:20:24 ET

that was a guess, not a statement (just to clarify)

2002-12-29 13:21:22 ET

rix is hooteriffic.

THAT was a statement.

2002-12-29 13:26:29 ET


and THAT was a response. ;-)

2002-12-29 13:28:42 ET


<dances the stupidly happy dance>

2002-12-29 14:07:22 ET

I'll PM you, Rixx. ;)

2002-12-29 14:14:34 ET


2002-12-29 14:20:27 ET

Exciting shit, no? :P

2002-12-29 14:22:02 ET

Wow! ;-)

2002-12-29 14:25:02 ET

But its totally tasteful, that's why I like it.

2002-12-29 14:39:20 ET

She's talking about pr0n!!!

2002-12-29 15:07:41 ET

You bet. :P

2002-12-29 15:15:30 ET

Put me on the waiting list. ;-)

2002-12-29 15:35:37 ET

Added, Miss Rikki.

2002-12-29 15:40:41 ET

Right n'Propah.

2002-12-29 15:41:23 ET

Wait, what are you on the waiting list for? :P

2002-12-29 15:43:38 ET

Wholesome family entertainment.

2002-12-29 15:45:00 ET

Oh yeah. Well, there's not really a waiting list. But if there ever is one, you're on it!

2002-12-29 16:58:51 ET

I never got a PM :(

2002-12-29 17:00:34 ET

Sent. :D

2002-12-29 17:02:25 ET

Yay!! :D

2002-12-29 17:02:49 ET

Good news, huh? :)

2002-12-29 17:10:14 ET

Yes! Very cool!

2002-12-29 17:15:21 ET

Glad you think so, Sheen.

2002-12-29 17:55:04 ET

oooh, i wanna know, what is it?

2002-12-29 19:12:03 ET

i am now entirely confused.

2002-12-29 19:19:11 ET

Lars, where have you been? It's just about my top secret government job.

I mean...

2002-12-29 19:21:25 ET

Jesus Christ! I come and glance at your page, cuz u know i luv u, and you have almost 100 comments in this post. 0.0

2002-12-29 19:23:53 ET

it's a neat job!

2002-12-29 19:26:21 ET

i luv u right back! <3 You haven't been here in a while, have you? :P

2002-12-29 20:46:43 ET

ive been um...out chasing mules!


so update me!

you always get ten million replies to your

2002-12-30 08:52:52 ET

You missed the update cutoff, Lars, it is now a SECRET.

2002-12-30 10:39:33 ET

Jocelyn's a superstar of reply-getting

2002-12-30 10:40:31 ET

Only recently, it seems.

2002-12-30 13:04:24 ET



2002-12-30 14:53:51 ET


2002-12-30 17:33:53 ET


but i want to know!

2002-12-30 20:57:20 ET

Tooo laaaaate...

2002-12-31 04:01:10 ET

hmph. evil woman

(elo reference there)

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