I'm Walking on Sunshine...
2003-01-18 13:54:09 ET

What a great weekend. Only the magical children who visit my LJ know the extent of how HAPPY and joyful and smiley and fucking GREAT I feel.

Wasn't I just whining about how life sucks? I take it back. I take it all back.


2003-01-18 13:55:41 ET

/me wishes he was a magical child.

2003-01-18 14:00:59 ET

Okay, I'll PM you the address to my LJ. I'm warning you, it's an emotional rollercoaster.

2003-01-18 14:07:19 ET

d00d. On the main page, Rosemary Clooney and your avatars are oddly similar.
Happy times are grand.

2003-01-18 14:10:45 ET

d00d, that's weird fucking shit. I just went and saw that.

j00ley, are you happy, too? :D

2003-01-18 14:19:27 ET

awesome (-:

2003-01-18 14:21:20 ET

Lars is happy, too? :D

2003-01-18 15:17:13 ET

yay happyness

2003-01-18 15:17:30 ET

You happy, too?

2003-01-18 15:19:23 ET

why the hell not!

2003-01-18 15:21:44 ET

I'm happy because a cow died and I'm eating it!

2003-01-18 15:22:12 ET


oh funny

2003-01-18 15:22:45 ET

Mmmm, beef!

I don't know, I guess I'm just always searching for reasons to be unhappy.

2003-01-18 15:52:55 ET

wooo i got to your sk journal before it got to 120 comments..hehe..

YaY!! i know i know..cuz i read i read :) hehehe. im such a dork.

2003-01-18 20:32:48 ET

Good, good! Glad your happy!

Hahaha, and Cynd has a point. It always seems within 5 mins of your post, you have a gizillion posts!

2003-01-18 20:44:30 ET

lol eh...i'm doing alright...not particularly happy as of late, but seeing that you're happy makes me happy (-:

2003-01-19 00:41:56 ET

Congrats on being happy! I used to always search for things that upset me but then I just decided to be positive and I am very much thankful that I did.

2003-01-19 03:55:38 ET

CellarDoor, word

2003-01-19 11:11:21 ET

Cyndi, I <3 you.

Mech, this one is moving slow. Nice change of pace.

Awww, me happy makes Lars happy. HAPPY.

CellarDoor, I'm thankful that I did, too. I almost went full emo on all of you.

2003-01-19 11:53:23 ET

YAY! Jocelyn + happy = me happy! lol. ~.~

2003-01-19 12:00:49 ET

You're happy, too? Fuck yeah, sexxxy.

2003-01-19 14:23:08 ET

Haha, yeah. I usually try to read most of the posts, but readin your gizallion takes a lot of effort! :D

2003-01-20 02:14:57 ET

jocelyn, you rawk ^_^

2003-01-20 05:51:38 ET

Where is your LJ?

2003-01-20 07:37:19 ET

See? This is a nicely sized one so far. Easy to read and sift through. :P

Thanks, Larsbuddy, I think you rock too.

Sheen, I'll IM you my LJ addy.

2003-01-20 07:40:47 ET


2003-01-20 07:46:35 ET

Yessssssir. :D

2003-01-20 10:07:38 ET

I'm a magical child! I'm a magical child! =P Luff....luff luff luff! <3!

So glad you're happy.

2003-01-20 10:33:35 ET

How are you, Britt? At least a little happy?


2003-01-20 12:17:06 ET

I'm about 85.97% happy. Happy that things are working out between a certain person...but PISSED OFF BECAUSE HE'S STILL GIVING ME MIXED SIGNALS! ::ahem:: that, too, is all in my LJ =P lol.

2003-01-21 06:10:40 ET

Yeah, you and I are the queens of recieving mixed signals. Well, I actually got so fed up with him I decided to just stop talking to him so my stress levels could return to normal. :P

2003-01-21 08:34:29 ET

happy = YAY!
also, livejournal. me wants.

2003-01-21 17:54:05 ET

Check your PMs, Cavie.

2003-01-22 07:19:16 ET


2003-01-22 13:51:45 ET

fun times, right?

2003-01-22 13:53:25 ET

and also, WHOO FOR TOM

2003-01-22 13:55:00 ET

Why are we whooing for Tom?

2003-01-22 13:55:37 ET

good things!

2003-01-27 21:11:25 ET


2003-01-27 21:20:13 ET

ERIN will get sign soon. <3 <3 I LOVE IT. Going in my gallery.

2003-01-27 21:23:09 ET

ooo :oD im going in the gallery. *dances around* weeeeeeeeeee
-feels extra speacial-

2003-01-28 07:03:56 ET

There you go, Hot Stuff, you're in. You're such a fucking babe. :D

2003-01-28 08:48:26 ET

not as much as yous!! ;o)

2003-01-28 08:54:22 ET

You're right. MUCH more than me!

2003-01-28 10:53:41 ET

shush yours self right now woman!!
dont make me get the whip! :oP

2003-01-28 16:57:11 ET

Get the whip and I'll get the chainsaw. Raaah. :P

2003-01-28 18:11:20 ET

oooooo. sounds like a plan.

2003-01-31 11:38:25 ET


2003-01-31 11:51:14 ET

I'm broken and I suck.

2003-01-31 12:18:07 ET

she has so many b/c shes joc and every one loves heRR :oP
shes a comment pimp.

2003-02-01 02:08:37 ET

yes...she always seems to get about ten million comments

but thats just cause she rawkz so f00king hard!

2003-02-01 08:14:09 ET

This one actually didn't fare that many comments. WooooOOoo.

2003-02-01 10:45:24 ET

its more than ive ever gotten. hehe. prolly if i add all mine up hehe. like every 10ths entry gets like 2 comments..if that :oP

2003-02-02 20:52:22 ET


2003-02-03 04:27:28 ET

But I love you, Erin!


2003-02-03 20:55:55 ET

JOCE! <3
did you get my letter?

2003-02-03 21:33:15 ET

and i you joc! :)

2003-02-04 08:13:16 ET

Jolie, I did, and I'm preparing to write back! <3 <3 <3

Erin, <3 <3 <3

2003-02-04 11:00:51 ET

i am happy that you are happy :) *HUGS*
....dang girl you got hella posts on here!!

2003-02-04 11:01:46 ET

I'm glad you're happy that I'm happy! <3
Did I? Haha.

2003-02-04 11:04:37 ET


2003-02-04 11:28:20 ET

You rock!

2003-02-04 11:32:55 ET

awwww....tanks :) *MO HUGS*

2003-02-04 11:39:15 ET

Yay for hugs! How are all the men in your life?

2003-02-04 16:20:49 ET

I think it is official, you get the most posts in consistancy on SK!

2003-02-04 16:37:28 ET

most of them are ok!! *LOL*
haven't had a 3some in a long time tho :( *crys*

2003-02-05 03:29:36 ET

I do not. I'm only getting a lot of replies because I can't think of anything to update with. ;)

Awwww, get on it, girl! Threesomes are fun. ;)

2003-02-05 10:38:03 ET

ha ha ha ha, nah, you're just a magnetic person!

2003-02-05 11:18:04 ET

Awwwwww, thanks!!

2003-02-05 12:38:28 ET

heh heh, no problem, it's the truth!

2003-02-05 13:01:00 ET

i will :) *HUGS*

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