love me
2003-03-20 20:37:50 ET

I got tear gassed. Someone come gimmie LOVE.


2003-03-20 20:40:44 ET


2003-03-20 20:40:56 ET

Thank you. I...think that was LOVE.

2003-03-20 20:41:50 ET

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

luv' a girl who can stand up to tear gas ;)

2003-03-20 20:42:38 ET

Haha, yeah! No cops can stop me with their wah-wah bombs!

2003-03-20 20:43:02 ET

it's kitty love

2003-03-20 20:43:13 ET

YEAH! trying to get you with a tear jerker

2003-03-20 20:45:40 ET

It hurt, don't get me wrong, but it was all good. It was supposed to go into the street, but it bounced off some guy's head onto the sidewalk.

HOORAY for kitty love.

2003-03-20 20:46:00 ET

Oh christ!! *MWUAH* there! Kick them damn cops!

2003-03-20 20:48:28 ET

I wanted to kick the cops, but me just raising my voice made the men with POLICE DOGS edge closer.

2003-03-20 20:49:50 ET

tear gas...and where was your gas mask?! :-P

2003-03-20 20:50:37 ET

Blaaaah, son of a bitches. What were you protesting?

2003-03-20 20:50:39 ET

I forgot mine. :P I just used my jacket, and that didn't work out so well. :P

2003-03-20 20:51:05 ET

War, silly. NO WAR! :P

2003-03-20 20:56:02 ET

bah! i'd be impervious to most police attempts at crowd control! :-P

2003-03-20 20:56:12 ET

Yes, no war! But... I think its too late.

2003-03-20 21:03:33 ET

It's too late, but not too late to protest and get GASSED. Hahaha, it was such an insane night. They were like, "WE ARE POLICE. GET ON THE SIDEWALK, THIS IS A LAWFUL ORDER. WE ARE POLICE." Um, yeah, you're in BIG CARS with flashy lights that say POLICE all over them. We kind of figured.

2003-03-20 21:25:34 ET

haha duh! ;-P

...cops aren't paid to be smart, you know

2003-03-20 21:31:12 ET

Naturally. Well, 5 minutes into the walk they stopped us and said "STAY OFF THE STREETS OR WE WILL ARREST YOU" but they just let us keep walking.

2003-03-20 21:35:23 ET

oh my god oh my god oh my god .... it's... it's... IT'S A JOCE ENTRY!

::humphumphumphump:: AND I'M NOT EXTREMELY LATE!

Tear gas is unpleasant....but YOU, my are the most pleasant thing on earth! (boo-yah)

2003-03-21 02:14:35 ET

Someone spritzed fake fart spray on me once. Does that count?

2003-03-21 03:54:32 ET

Yes, Joce made a late night entry.

AND NO SHEEN, that's not the same. :P

2003-03-21 06:24:32 ET

I got hit over the head, arrested (I managed to get away last second) and punched. So much for law and order.

2003-03-21 07:18:29 ET

No shit, Scarlett? I just read your journal, and THAT IS SOME BULLSHIT. I mean, I got gassed after obeying a LAWFUL ORDER to get out of the street, so they really didn't care if I fucking stayed in the street or not. Lots of innocent people got BEAT for sitting in the street with their HANDS UP IN THE AIR, or their hands behind their heads or holding hands. One guy was drumming and had his drum broken and was beaten badly.

2003-03-21 07:24:13 ET

That's so sad =( Stupid police men...grr.

2003-03-21 07:26:03 ET

Yeah, it was pretty dumb. But, regardless, a little fucking tear gas won't stop me or quiet my voice (it will just make me cough but I do that a lot anyway), so I will be out AGAIN TODAY at 5pm to protest.

2003-03-21 07:36:29 ET

=D You rock, Joce. You really do...I loveth you!

2003-03-21 07:41:49 ET

me too- Rise Above!

2003-03-21 08:58:13 ET

Are charges pressed against you, Scarlett?


2003-03-21 09:17:06 ET

Na,I got away before he handcuffed me. My face is prob in the data base under like terriorist

2003-03-21 09:51:17 ET

Good luck!!!

2003-03-21 09:53:20 ET

I wrote a song about Brave Jocelyn, who got tear gassed. I forgot how it went, just pretend it's really good.

2003-03-21 12:33:21 ET

*LOVE* I admire both you and Scarlett for having the guts to go protest. :D Well in fact I admire anyone who has the guts to go protest, as long as it's peacefully.

2003-03-22 11:06:43 ET

Awwww, thanks! *Brave Jocelyn*

Yeah, things were kept peaceful, but the police got nervous and jittery and tear gas happy. Although, last night, we weren't arrested or gassed since the Governer was NOT pleased.

2003-03-22 15:57:44 ET

JOCELYN! YAY!... I heard of a sit in on I-25 by the UNM students. Did that ever take place?

WEEE for protests. But Police + tear gas = No fun.

2003-03-23 13:16:39 ET

Sit in? No, fuck that. We were going to the COURTHOUSE and the police got all anal and arrested people. No one got arrested Friday or Saturday, but someone got arrested today during the march. Fuckers.

2003-03-23 20:41:39 ET

dig the new hair joce! =p

2003-03-23 21:03:56 ET

Thanks, Nic!!

2003-03-24 11:03:40 ET

Cute hair gorgeous!

*gives major love*


2003-03-24 11:07:04 ET

Thanks, rockaboobie! <3 <3 <3

Well, no one gasses a pervateer and gets away with it. >:)

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