2003-07-13 00:49:30 ET

Awww yeah, I added some pictures from Heavy Rebel, where I met the FANTASTIC NicSinn. We had a great time (mostly seperated, sadly, there were sooo many people) and I'm definetly going next year.

Rock on, motherfuckers.

2003-07-13 01:08:54 ET

heh, you got bats in your background.

2003-07-13 03:52:56 ET


2003-07-13 04:40:15 ET

No, you rock on, motherfucker! <3

Lovely pics, Joce. Especially the "you" areas of the pics.

2003-07-13 07:35:01 ET

Those are some sexy pics! Yeah! =) We love seeing the Joce.

2003-07-13 09:59:16 ET

Nice Arse! ...I mean, nice pics. O:-)

2003-07-13 11:45:33 ET

long time no post! ;-P

2003-07-13 13:52:41 ET

chaotic! yes my sentiments exactly tete. hee! looks like youve been having fun!

2003-07-14 11:23:37 ET

woo, glad yer back.

2003-07-14 14:44:52 ET

WOO your back.. mISsed ya

2003-07-15 19:04:56 ET

Them's some FINE ladays I was lookin' at! Too bad I couldn't have been one of them....*sigh*. I WILL GO NEXT YEAR! FOR SURE!

2003-07-18 07:58:31 ET

You better go next year! :) I just added more pictures...and some muddy goodness.

2003-07-18 10:22:55 ET

aww, i love the muddy pic. <3

2003-07-18 10:33:41 ET

Thanks, jolie!

2003-07-18 10:34:27 ET

I love it more!

2003-07-18 10:34:51 ET


2003-07-18 10:41:58 ET

Hey now, no fighting! :P

2003-07-18 10:43:04 ET

What fighting? I see no fighting...


2003-07-18 10:44:38 ET

Everyone's allowed to love me in the mud....

I love MYSELF in the mud. ;)

2003-07-18 10:46:39 ET

WOO BABYBABY! Joce is hot stuff. haha

2003-07-18 10:47:09 ET

Aside from being bald, sure I guess. :P

2003-07-18 10:52:40 ET

Joce, we would love you even if you were bald, had seven eyes and three foot long chest hairs growing out of you.

2003-07-18 10:58:09 ET

haha, well said jly!

2003-07-18 10:59:50 ET

=) Thank you!

2003-07-18 11:02:59 ET


2003-07-18 12:53:29 ET

Awww, thanks guys! I had a hair cut incident and now I have a silly knock-off chelsea which I regularly cover with my silly bandanas. :P

2003-07-18 13:11:28 ET


2003-07-18 13:11:57 ET

chelsea's rule.

2003-07-18 13:30:40 ET

Awwww, thanks Michael.

2003-07-18 15:23:01 ET

WOOO SEXY.. mouth is salivating.. hehehe.. droolerific..

2003-07-19 09:55:16 ET

i knew a girl with a chelsea and she was hot. so i'm danm sure that you look really hot with it.

2003-07-20 18:25:24 ET

hey girly about time you did an update =P anyway it was so kik ass meetin ya at hrw and etc cant wait for next year!!

2003-07-20 18:40:15 ET

You better be there next year!

2003-07-20 19:51:58 ET

ohh I will be! ive made in 2 years in a row now so gotta make it 3 hehe =P

2003-07-20 19:59:24 ET

Hell yeah, its too much fun to pass up.

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