2006-11-05 14:16:32 ET

I was in Vegas last week with Warped and his parents.
It was fun.
I was 'randomly searched' at the airport. The guards were really nice and joking around. (Warped got searched too)

Now I'm back in the humdrum work world. And getting back and seeing the state of my store made me feel like I really shouldn't have gone on the trip, because now I have to go in on my days off to make it all better.
But I suppose that comes with being a manager.

time to disappear again.

2006-11-05 14:30:09 ET

i have yet to be searched at the airport. the last time i went through LAX they didn't even have me take my shoes off or anything. i guess i'm just lucky...ha

2006-11-05 14:34:10 ET

Did you meet Razorslave,or any other sk/forum people?

2006-11-05 14:42:45 ET

Oh, that's cool! I have still never been to Las Vegas. Someone once told me that living there can easily make you feel suicidal, though. I wonder if it is really that bad.

2006-11-05 14:46:41 ET

It's like living in so cal,in as much as things the tourists think are interesting,different and cool become common place.

You can only gamble for so long,and walk up and down the strip so many times,before it gets old.

2006-11-05 19:34:53 ET

socal is definately where its at. las vegas is nothing but pure hype...i couldn't live there.

2006-11-05 22:55:14 ET

So Cal is mostly hype,though.We do have better weather,so that's a big plus.

2006-11-06 00:29:47 ET

socal is sorta half hype and half depends on where you go and what you do ;-P
cali has a lot of tourist traps, to be sure. namely, orange county and hollyweird.

2006-11-06 20:47:02 ET

We didn't meet anyone, we just stayed on the strip and did tourist junk. It was just a nice family trip.

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