What? She's updating again?!?
2008-08-22 07:21:41 ET

Yeah, so my life is pretty much getting a kickstart.

I'm married and I just got a new job.

I just have to finish one last week at the old job (and deal with some drama because of my District Manager being a bit of a dummy), then I get to go into a new job with better pay, better benefits and I will actually get my schedule 6 weeks in advance, instead of 1 day in advance! (seriously, I don't know what I'm working next week ...)

2009-11-29 15:31:43 ET


2010-05-01 09:20:12 ET

happy birthday, even though you probably dont check this anymore :D

2010-05-01 13:29:54 ET

Happy Birthday!

2010-05-01 13:49:21 ET

happy womb liberation day 2 years later. where the fuck you been? d-:

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