2010-11-10 19:37:13 ET

My grandfather passed away earlier this year.
He was prominent in his field - working in letterpress printing and designing typefaces.
Before he died, someone was working on a documentary about what he did. (there are some clips throughout the blog)
It is screening in Seattle this weekend, and I am heading down there to see it with my uncle and my cousin.

There is another film about him coming out next year. This one focuses not only on what he did, but who he was. A clip can be seen here

It's funny. Thinking about him. I miss him, but not in a sad way. I'm happy that he did something with his life that is tangible. What makes me sad is the loss to an already dying art.

2010-11-10 20:05:38 ET

i'm sorry for your loss. my grandmother passed this year too.

when you're in seattle, stop and bitchslap lars. you'll feel better.

2010-11-11 01:21:17 ET

i'm in seattle. what revshade said! also as an artist, designer, and general lover of people i would be really interested in seeing this myself.

2010-11-11 02:54:24 ET

Sorry for your loss.

That is amazing. If it's ever out on video or uploaded to the internet please post it. It seems really interesting!

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