2011-12-26 09:13:35 ET

My Cousin is on 4chan all the time, he likes my little pony, and he collects toys.
So I crafted him a meme pony for Christmas ... I present to you, Derpy Hooves:

I purchased an orange pony with yellow hair and apples on her butt, painted her grey and painted her wonky eyes, sculpted wings based on this image, had to figure out what's on her butt and paint that (it's bubbles - heheh), cut and gelled her hair. Sculpted and painted some muffins (apparently her first line was "muffins!"), made a little card-stock basket for them and ta-da!

I hope he likes it!
I don't know much about the show and I didn't care about my little ponies much when I was a kid ... but I kind of want to make one for myself now, she's so bloody cute.

2011-12-26 11:25:08 ET

That's awesome! I don't like the show or anything, but that's very well done!

2011-12-26 15:38:14 ET

The new show is done by the same people who did fosters home for imaginary friends. So you know it's a little twisted.

2011-12-26 17:33:51 ET

Bronies are awesome. And so is that pony.

2011-12-26 20:30:56 ET

Well, he didn't recognize it, but thought his friends would get a huge kick out of it.
Checkr - I didn't know that! I loved what little I saw of Foster's. I've been debating whether or not to check it out. I know one of the girls who animates it (she collects the same kind of dolls that I do).

2011-12-28 06:09:25 ET

Do you have a before picture? You are amazing btw. I've only seen one person that comes close to you in skill and he paints figurines professionally.

2011-12-30 08:34:41 ET

I didn't get a before picture, but it was this pony:

And thank you!
I think that if I wasn't so lazy, I'd probably do commissions.
I've seen many painters who are worlds better than me at miniature painting (her for one), but I've never really looked into action figure / toy customs.

2011-12-30 08:58:11 ET

Well there is always someone better right? As long as you are doing what you enjoy then that's all that matters. Sometimes making a living out of what you love can kill the experience.

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