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2012-02-12 18:46:09 ET

More toy customs ...

Really shitty lighting, so you can't really tell he's got a black eye. I used pastels to achieve the bruising (black, dark green, light green and yellow). The blood was done in acrylic paint - this one is just pigment in a clear base, so it gives a really vivid colour. I figured it would work better than the normal paint.
I repainted all of the skin with an 'olive skin' paint, because, as usual, the skin on these figures is awful.


O'Brien, done up as a dead redshirt from the original series. Used this photo for reference. I repainted his skin to a slightly nicer tone, then went over it with a couple of layers of pastel. I redid his eyes in a 'cloudy blue' colour to make them look dead.


and finally, this one was optional - the guy just gave me the equipment and said he didn't expect me to do anything to it, but if I had any ideas, he'd be happy with whatever.
used this photo for reference


Heading to Seattle at the end of March for the Emerald City Comic Con.
Was thinking of putting together a steampunk outfit, but I'm also thinking of dressing up as Kaylee from Firefly. I did the steampunk thing last year, and I've wanted to put together a Kaylee costume for quite a while. My hair is right for it now (just have to straighten it).


2012-02-13 03:28:12 ET

Great work. Pics if you dress up!

2012-02-13 03:58:14 ET

so we gonna hang?

2012-02-13 05:33:14 ET

Drake - I'll try to get photos if I do.

Turbo - we'll have to figure something out!

2012-02-13 12:46:26 ET

woot (:

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