Odd happenings
2008-09-05 21:48:11 ET

August 12, 2008

A man had a cardiac arrest and died in the building where I work. I heard about his cardiac arrest around 11:30, and then when I went out, I knew he was dead. I saw him, covered by a white sheet, as I edged past, with a group of police officers gathered around and talking to someone, one female officer staring harshly at me, with a couple of movable bulletin boards drawn to cover the sight from the other side of the hallway. This was about an hour after it happened. I felt kind of blasphemous passing by somehow. Disrespectful of human life and death, as I forever am. Last night, Nick heard, "This is the police! Come out with your hands up," in the hallway outside his apartment; apparently they were arresting his neighbor, who he's seen once and we've heard playing bad music once, because there were gunshots in his room; there were bullet holes in the wall. That must have happened right before Nick came home. I saw a woman using an electric toothbrush in her car at the intersection. Wtf? I can't understand it. I fully consider this an "odd happening."

2008-09-05 21:55:07 ET

if there's one consistant thing i've noticed about seattle compared to any other place i've lived, it's that this place definitely has it's very own particular brand of weird and fucked up that i really have not experienced in such a concentrated form anywhere else i've been or lived. it oft times feels rather unsettling to me - like a big ticking time bomb. that's probably at least partially my own perspective, but this place does have a reputation that precedes it as such. it's equally strange how so many people who live here seem convinced that its the end-all be-all of living and the best place on the planet. it feels almost stepford-wivesish at times. apparently i must have left nick's apartment that day at just the right time...heh...fate if it exists is truly strange sometimes.

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