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My brain isn’t working
2023-06-22 01:16:51 ET

“I’m not for inaction but I am for despair. May this resignation lead us to battle against forces we know will destroy us before they really know we’re there.”

2021-03-19 10:30:10 ET

I forget how to code or do anything on a pc anymore.
Happy Friday.
Don’t die.

Hospitals and uh starbucks
2021-02-10 12:18:17 ET

Here, at hospital, with Sam. She’s having a hysterectomy done today, I really hope it goes well and somewhat quickly. I feel a bit selfish but I really need to figure out work the rest of the week, etc, etc and have no clue about what her recovery will look like. Anywho, she’s well, just waiting on doctors to come through.

There’s an ice storm warning for our area. I almost want everything to get iced over but I feel like it’s going to be nothing.

Happy Wednesday!

Anyone know how...
2021-02-01 00:14:08 ET

To upload a photo here from an iPhone.

Society Memphis
2021-02-01 00:11:08 ET

It’s been a while since I’ve had as much fun as I did today at a Memphis skatepark with my fiancé’s 10 year old. Wish it was closer, we’d be there a lot more. I was getting it on the mini ramp a little bit, and it was all around a cool indoor park/coffee bar.

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