2004-07-21 19:14:01 ET

Behold my glory, insects.

2004-07-21 19:14:55 ET

i'm not a bug..i'm a pixie. ^_^

bienvenue and um..have fun and stuff

2004-07-21 19:22:42 ET

welcome, critter.

2004-07-21 19:32:57 ET


...and stuff.

2004-07-21 20:44:27 ET


2004-07-22 05:04:11 ET

it's about damn time.

"you are a remarkable example of a pathetic species."

2004-07-22 07:38:06 ET

i'm late, but welcome to sk!

2004-07-22 08:24:56 ET


2004-07-22 21:27:17 ET

soon you shall abandon sk as i have, for the name is tricky, no one really belongs in a subkulture on here..everyone is a fucking indie or emo tredy ass mostly...or whatever subkulture is the coolness of the day.

2004-07-22 21:32:47 ET

oh c'mon. it's fuckin better than LJ. don't make me smack you.

2004-07-23 05:35:49 ET

Nihil. I was a geek when I signed up. And i'm a geek now. ph34r me.

you? I'd say you're a nihilist/anarchist right?

and uhh yeah we pwn LJ. the last thing i want to see is a bunch of 12 year old kids whining about how they can't go to the movies

2004-07-23 07:11:23 ET

late, v. 2.0 but welcome to SK!

2004-07-29 23:00:44 ET

SubSonik sounds kinda cool now.

*smacks DefectivUnit back*

2004-07-30 04:45:54 ET

hehehe r4wk

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