2003-07-28 21:28:30 ET

I wish that I hadnt fucked up in highschool and I wish that I hadnt fucked up even worse in college. I wish i could go back but that is not possible. But if I could I would do it way diffrent.
I wish I was pretty, like my sisters are. I want a better body, I mean I dont want to be fucking barbie, but I want to look healthy you know.
I hate how I look so why the fuck wont I do any thing about it.
Damn my life all to hell

2003-07-28 21:54:16 ET

Bah, hindsights 20/20..

2003-07-28 22:32:32 ET

I can't read street signs until we pass them.

2003-07-29 05:39:55 ET


2003-07-29 05:41:24 ET

hey hunny, I just want you to know that I think your beautiful and you shouldn't really regret too much what you've done in the past, it's what you do in the future that counts.

2003-07-29 07:11:10 ET

I know.. thank you Mia.. Your such a sweetheart..

2003-07-29 09:58:27 ET

It's the truth.

2003-07-29 11:05:40 ET

but you know what your really cute.. and beautiful too.

2003-07-29 23:02:38 ET

don't be sooo hard on yourself. You're wonderful. I definately see it and I'm sure everyone else does. You have a cute figure and you are good looking. You have a face that's very fancy.

2003-07-29 23:03:42 ET

you look like my sister, very pretty.

2003-07-30 05:45:07 ET

*blush* thanks hun

2003-07-30 12:16:13 ET

Both of you Arizona girls are pretty!

2003-07-30 14:19:19 ET

hehehe.. Really now`

2003-07-30 18:35:52 ET

Yes, very much so.

2003-07-30 18:44:20 ET


2003-07-30 18:48:45 ET

Love you too Crys.

2003-07-30 18:54:26 ET


2003-07-30 19:02:48 ET

I miss you too. I haven't been on much lately.

2003-07-30 19:22:24 ET

Ryan rocks.

2003-07-30 19:24:26 ET

I still need to come see you when I can go get this freaking Blazer from my dad and my trip brings me to your humble abode.

2003-07-30 19:25:52 ET

We'd have so much fun. Wee!

2003-07-30 19:29:22 ET

And I went up to this thug gangster and he was like "yo muthafucka weeeeeee!!"

Maybe I can come by in a month or two or three or four.

2003-07-30 19:31:04 ET

Well I'll be here waiting in a month or two or three or four.

2003-07-30 19:36:43 ET

Don't wait too long. I could slip into a coma at any minute.

2003-07-30 19:44:08 ET

Then I'd wait all my life for you.

2003-07-30 19:46:57 ET

awww really?

2003-07-30 19:47:14 ET

Yes. *mwah*

2003-07-30 19:51:24 ET

Yay! I'm going to cry.

2003-07-31 07:16:52 ET


2003-07-31 20:39:31 ET

I agree that it's hindsight. You have your faults, as all people do, but you ARE fabulous, dammit.

Beauty is always there. You are beauty, no matter what other people make you believe. I swear.

2003-08-01 17:46:22 ET

I love you em.. your rock..

2003-08-01 20:07:12 ET


2003-08-02 11:11:22 ET


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