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  MammaDuck    Flagstaff, Arizona
Name: Maria Louise K.
Nicknames: My good friends and roomates call me Mia.
My roomate Alan calls me Peanut (Dead Like Me reference)
Stephanie calls me Watson
Age: 22
Location: Flagstaff, AZ
Occupation(s): Drug Testing Lab Technician
Credentials: Associates in Science- Chemistry
Current Education: Bachelor's of Science- Forensics
Relationship Status: Engaged
Current Favorite Movie: Love Actualy

AIM: claraguen

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     2006-01-23 05:15:04 ET
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 ****!!!!****    2005-12-24 20:38:36 ET
Happy Holidays Everyone!


     2005-11-06 12:31:10 ET
I was just trying to email you...I've tried for a while, but I guess you don't check that email anymore. Hopefully you still read here occassionally. I just wanted to check up on you to see how you are and to make sure you are alive. Email me when you have the chance, please.
I hope you are well.

 Mia the Worrywort    2005-10-11 14:20:11 ET
I should not be allowed to read news pages. I saw an article today about attacks in Iraq very near to where my fiance is and that there were US soldiers injured...
I would not have normally worried except for the fact that I have not heard from him in a few days.
I hope he is ok.
I'm not sure how I could ever handle it if I ever lost him...

 Mia's Back in Town!    2005-10-06 18:53:22 ET
Here I am after almost two weeks of healing. Things have been super busy as I am trying to make up work and a lot of missed homework.
The operation went well, although when they were removing my gall bladder they found that a gall stone had snuck out and was causing some serious problems with my liver. For the three days before the operation I was not able to eat or drink anything. I thought it was just nerves but apparently I did have something to worry about. Soo after my first operation they let me rest for a couple of hours before they put back under and performed a second operation to remove the sneaky stone. By the time they got to the second procedure I had started to turn yellow with jaundice. Afterwards everything went well. I stayed the night in the hospital and the next day my mother took me home to Sierra Vista to recoop with friends, family, and pets. I was there for a week. My beloved, Matt, spent almost every hour that he wasn't at work by my side.
I guess this would be a good time to introduce Matt. We've been dating for over 10 weeks now. He is a soldier in the Army and was stationed at Ft. huachuca when we met. He's absolutly wonderful. I'm very much in love with him. I've never been told "I love you" so fast in a relationship, and I've never said it so fast, but I've never felt it so true before.
On October 2 he was deployed to Iraq. I miss him very much. I got very spoiled on being able to see him everyday that I was in Sierra Vista and talking to him on the phone every evening that I was here in Flagstaff. He will be there for the next year. I'll be here waiting for him when he gets back. We'll figure out from there where things will go. We've got it figured out but we are both mature enough to realize things could change in a year. I guess that's my way of saying that I am engaged.
I've got a lot of other wonderful things to say about him, but for now I have to get back to my homework.

 It's official    2005-09-14 18:50:56 ET
I've been diagnosed as having Gal Bladder Disease. That explains the pain. I go under the knife next Friday.

I hope I heal quickly.

     2005-09-14 18:48:33 ET

You are the Moon card. Entering the Moon we enter
the intuitive and psychic realms. This is the
stuff dreams are made on. And like dreams the
imagery we find here may inspire us or torment
us. Understanding the moon requires looking
within. Our own bodily rhythms are echoed in
this luminary that circles the earth every
month and reflects the sun in its progress.
Listening to those rhythms may produce visions
and lead you towards insight. The Moon is a
force that has legends attached to it. It
carries with it both romance and insanity.
Moonlight reveals itself as an illusion and it
is only those willing to work with the force of
dreams that are able to withstand this
reflective light. Image from: Stevee Postman.

     2005-08-10 08:13:34 ET
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday dear me,
Happy Birthday to me.

Still sick today, but feeling better than I have been. Should be a quiet day. Thinking maybe I'll take myself out to the movies later to celebrate, then head over to my friends house for some happy board game time after 6 when everyone gets off work.

Hope everyone one else will have a good day too.

     2005-08-07 10:50:45 ET
Spent last night in the ER. Dammit I thought I was over with all this doctor stuff. They don't know what was really wrong with me, gave me perscription and told me if the pain comes back and last for more than a couple days that I should go in to have my gall bladder examined further.
Very tired, going to sleep now.

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