It's official
2005-09-14 18:50:56 ET

I've been diagnosed as having Gal Bladder Disease. That explains the pain. I go under the knife next Friday.

I hope I heal quickly.

2005-09-14 18:51:51 ET

Oh my! Keep us posted. I hope you get well soon! Good luck.

2005-09-14 20:08:32 ET


2005-09-15 05:53:29 ET

Please do keep us posted, love.

Get well soon.

2005-09-23 11:36:25 ET

Best of wishes, and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

2005-09-23 13:09:37 ET

get well soon!

2005-10-06 18:32:47 ET

I'm back!

2005-10-06 23:29:04 ET

Yay! Y'okay?

2005-10-06 23:39:03 ET

I'm doing good and soon I may be able to start eating real food again! That's exciting after two full months of a plain oatmeal and plain pasta diet. I had a week off from school and everything and now I'm busy making up everything I missed.

2005-10-06 23:39:34 ET

Oh! and thanks again to Winter for the beautiful Get Well card :)

2005-10-07 05:18:32 ET

Plain oatmeal? blaaaaarrgh. *grin*

You're quite welcome, doll.

2005-10-08 07:56:03 ET

It's not so bad when you make the effort to imagine it tastes like other things. I spent a lot of time imagining that I was really eating pumpkin pie.

Weird, I know, but it worked :)

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