!!!!!!!    2005-07-07 12:08:14 ET
Just got a call from my doctor: No cancer for me! I have to do a little more testing a few months, but for now he told me to relax and just keep eating right and exercising.
So there is one huge weight taken off of my shoulders.

 ...    2005-07-07 07:54:03 ET
"Death is kind of like sex in high school. If you knew how many times you missed having it, you'd be paralyzed."

     2005-07-02 09:35:07 ET
Miles driven in last 5 days: 1,300
How many miles driven that I minded: 0

Drove up to Flagstaff last Monday. Suprised roomates, was nice to get a welcome like that. Alan came over to me, grabbed my collarbone and said "You too skinny, I can break you like chicken bone!" Funny. Got a hold of Stephanie and went out on the town with her. Tuesday morning I got up and realized how hot the room was, blah. Didn't even bother to get into any clothes before crawling over to computer and checked mail to find a wonderful suprise that took me back 270 miles down to Tucson. Had a great time in Tucson. Crawled back to Flagstaff Wednesday morning and then sat around ALL day watching things missed on TiVo. Thursday got a hold of Stephanie again, needed to get out of house where people were shouting and smoke was in abundance. We saw the movie Bride and Prejudice, was very cute. Was lucky enough to hear his voice again, though very heartbroken to hear how miserable he sounded. Really hope he isn't sad. Had a beautiful time together and I know that we will be seeing each other again, hopefully soon.
Left Flagstaff Thursday night, got into SV about 3 am. Woke up Friday thinking that all the driving was over and done with, but mother asked me to go to Tucson with her to look into buying her a new car to replace my father's sprint, which officially died that morning.
In PJ's now, thinking I may just head over to Joanna's house dressed this way. Think I will.
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 :)    2005-06-22 13:40:39 ET
Went shopping with mum today. Needed to get a new bathing suit as I am going to start doing laps at the local pool as an additional method to slimming down.
For the first time ever I stood in the women's section trying on bathing suits and realizing that I needed smaller that the smallest size they had there (don't get too excited, the smallest was a 16, though I am still happy). I ventured only momentarily into the other smaller selection but even though they fit me in the stomach and below...the tops only covered half of each breast. I finally did find a middle group that I was comfortable with, including a skirted bottom suit to hide the worst part of my legs and butt :)
Something very cool I found in the mens section just happens to be a pair of swim trunks with Captain Morgan on them! Mom got them for me as I was very excited over them.
Went to a party last Saturday that was....interesting. SCA friends mostly at a friend's house who just happened to have a pool. So I can now chalk up skinny dipping on my life's list of crazy things done. It was a lot of fun swimming around with all the girls in the dark, comparing breast size, and giggling about other things. Still very shy about my body, though it was pretty liberating.

 Owww    2005-06-15 12:45:08 ET
Had the colposcopy/biopsy today. Pap smears will feel like nothing now as today was the most painful ever.
Will get results from biopsy in about two weeks. Doctor (male *shudder*) seemed nice and explained everything and showed me all of the instruments. I wish he hadn't, I did not need to know that the thingy that takes the biopsy looks like a hole punch.
Now for a nap.

Want chocolate. Want it really bad, but still on diet.

Found out at doctors: have lost 27 pounds since February. Diet is definatly working.

     2005-06-12 09:36:18 ET
Went to karaoke bar with Jo and Matt last night. Had a lot of fun, I sang poorly (as per usual) but Jo sang beautifully.
Went to go put on my red leather bodice as part of my "I want to look pretty today" attitude and cried when I found out that with all the weight I have been losing...it doesn't fit anymore. I had to wear a bra under it and it was so uncomfortable all night because below the bust the leather stuck out all weird because there was nothing behind it to keep it stuck in place. That means that I am thinner now than I was 5 years ago when I bought it.
I'm sad because it does not fit anymore, but happy that I am losing the weight I want.

     2005-06-09 12:22:28 ET

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 Final Grades    2005-05-20 07:46:18 ET
Analytical Chemistry: B
Analytical Chemistry Lab: A
Scientific Writting: A
Criminal Law: A
Criminal Procedure and the Constitution: A

Much better than last semester! My GPA is still only a 3.42 but with next semester I hope to boost that a lot. Excuse me now while I go do my happy dances.

     2005-04-22 20:15:28 ET
Here is what winter says that she adores about me:
"mammaduck- you're a beautiful, shining creature... and I love how you always try to see the good in a situation.
*hugses* "


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