2005-06-12 09:36:18 ET

Went to karaoke bar with Jo and Matt last night. Had a lot of fun, I sang poorly (as per usual) but Jo sang beautifully.
Went to go put on my red leather bodice as part of my "I want to look pretty today" attitude and cried when I found out that with all the weight I have been losing...it doesn't fit anymore. I had to wear a bra under it and it was so uncomfortable all night because below the bust the leather stuck out all weird because there was nothing behind it to keep it stuck in place. That means that I am thinner now than I was 5 years ago when I bought it.
I'm sad because it does not fit anymore, but happy that I am losing the weight I want.

2005-06-12 10:00:28 ET

Well, congrats on losing the weight, but sorry your bodice doesn't fit. I'm sure you were still gorgeous. ;)


2005-06-12 11:13:52 ET

It is too bad your bodice doesn't fit anymore but what better of a reason do you need to go shopping ? :) You look great in the photo you posted.

2005-06-12 12:51:21 ET

Agreed- absolutely fabulous. ;)

2005-06-13 07:52:38 ET

Winter: luckily my darling friend Matt is good with working with leather, so soon we will be splitting it up the side, adding some gromets and more lacing. So hopefully I'll be back in business soon, especially with Barmaids (a very fun and baudy SCA event) coming soon.
Vasa: It is a pretty good excuse to go shopping, I'm looking forward to it, And thanks for the compliment :)

2005-06-13 08:24:09 ET


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