2005-06-15 12:45:08 ET

Had the colposcopy/biopsy today. Pap smears will feel like nothing now as today was the most painful ever.
Will get results from biopsy in about two weeks. Doctor (male *shudder*) seemed nice and explained everything and showed me all of the instruments. I wish he hadn't, I did not need to know that the thingy that takes the biopsy looks like a hole punch.
Now for a nap.

Want chocolate. Want it really bad, but still on diet.

Found out at doctors: have lost 27 pounds since February. Diet is definatly working.

2005-06-15 12:49:31 ET

*hugs gently* I'm sorry it hurt so much, doll. At least it's over with now.

(as for the chocolate, depriving yourself isn't a good thing; having a very small amount of carob, or bitter-sweet chocolate won't hurt.. and if your body is craving something, it's probably for a reason).

but hey, 27lbs since February!! RIGHT ON!! what diet are you on?

2005-06-16 08:15:25 ET

I did realize that to deny all of my chocolate cravings would just make the craving worse and that there was probably some reason that I needed it.
Yesterday was a day of comfort food including a very low fat, low sugar piece of chocolate cake, vegie lo mein, and a mini snickers bar. I feel much better now.
The diet I am on is a 1/2 fat, 1/2 sugar, 1/2 salt diet with as few processed foods as I could manage (with yesterday's exception). That's the basic of it. And it definatly works.

2005-06-16 12:05:01 ET

Wow. That's awesome.

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