Mia the Worrywort
2005-10-11 14:20:11 ET

I should not be allowed to read news pages. I saw an article today about attacks in Iraq very near to where my fiance is and that there were US soldiers injured...
I would not have normally worried except for the fact that I have not heard from him in a few days.
I hope he is ok.
I'm not sure how I could ever handle it if I ever lost him...

2005-10-11 14:44:52 ET


2005-10-11 14:57:46 ET

Don't worry. It will be hard but you will just wear yourself out. Iraq is big and even though it may have been near him it might have been on a totally different camp. Sometimes when we got hit on our Camp and it was on the news it might have been clear on the other side of a the camp. A good 2 hour walk :P If you worry all the time then you will have a very long year...

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