It just hit me!
2003-08-02 11:11:03 ET

I am moving out, I sign the lease as soon as they call and its scary. I mean I have never been a way from my mom longer than two weeks in my entire life and now i am moving to a completely diffrent city. Its a little Intimidating really and I am definitely scared. I move in either at the end of this month or, well it begining of sept. Its really weird. well its really strange to me but i am doing it.
Now all i need is a job

2003-08-02 13:01:42 ET

yikes! Is your job or schooling in this other city? Cuz I'm not sure why it's elsewhere.

Anyway, big step! good luck in the future and God bless you at your new residence!

You'll still have internet, won't you?

2003-08-02 14:34:43 ET

Yes i will still have internet access :).

Yeah very big step. especilly for someone who has a codependency issue with her mother. but it will work out.

No i have a friend up there, i still need to get a job once i get there though. so egad.

2003-08-02 15:17:24 ET

Yeah, it'll work out. though the job market is a little tough now, I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard

2003-08-02 19:14:34 ET

Yeah, especilly now since school starts in a few weeks so i can get my booty down and get me a job..

2003-08-02 19:53:25 ET

well, I'll definitely wish you luck on your search!

2003-08-02 20:17:06 ET

Thank you.. Your such a good friend steve.

2003-08-02 20:34:31 ET


It'll be a kickass fucking time, I swear!

2003-08-03 00:23:39 ET

good luck, hun!

ill be sure to come visit you when i can!! (:

2003-08-03 05:55:31 ET

HEY!! YAY for CRYS!!! w00t! I'm happy for you babe! Lemme know the new address n stuff! Where are you moving to anyways???

2003-08-03 11:00:58 ET

Awesome! Crys is all grown up and moving out on her own. :-P Goodluck babe, when are you going to come see me?

2003-08-03 12:40:00 ET

Thank you all guys..
Em: Woo to the funness.
Lars: You better dammit.. :)
Jess: i am moving to tempe.. Its weird really.. :) i will asap.. caus i dont remember my adress right now..
Ryan: yay.. I will come as soon as i can. :)

2003-08-03 15:36:21 ET

Are you going to fly out here and drive that stuff back from Wyoming?

2003-08-03 16:42:04 ET

I dont know.. i hope so so i can see you but i am not sure..

2003-08-03 17:00:35 ET

Oh okay, well let me know when you know hehe. :-P

2003-08-03 18:50:32 ET


2003-08-03 20:53:02 ET

:) thankyou rikki.. i miss you much.. i will call you tomorrow if i can k sweetie.

Ryan: i will i will

2003-08-04 21:00:01 ET


2003-08-05 06:04:13 ET


2003-08-05 07:08:08 ET

:) i am still all eeep

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