I am sure you wanted to know
2003-08-08 14:00:22 ET

To do list for the next few weeks

Today/Friday: clean house
Saterday: Finish Laundry and Pack
Sunday: relax
Monday: leave for Minnasota
Tuesday-saterday: Canoeing <------ funnty looking word<BR>
Also Saterday: come home
THe 20th or so: move in to new place WOO, and get a job. yes a job
Then donate to sk, cause we love sk. :)

2003-08-08 14:05:41 ET

you're going to minnesota!?

stop by montana??


2003-08-08 14:09:24 ET

haha.. I would if i could, we are flying. So yeah.. hum..

2003-08-08 14:10:43 ET


oh vell

um...make the plane land here!?

2003-08-08 14:11:39 ET

yes, i will bring some sort of weapon to the air port and get arrenset just to attempt to make the plane stop in montana.. K.

2003-08-08 14:20:07 ET

ok :-D

2003-08-08 18:22:02 ET

i live in Minnesota!

2003-08-08 20:41:45 ET

Really.. :P cool.. :)

2003-08-10 11:35:09 ET

Minneapolis, prolly. Give me at LEAST a 7 hour advance, I can get there! lol

And I really DO care about your plans! Makes me feel guilty I have none of my own. Laze about Emmy

2003-08-10 16:36:45 ET

:) haha.. thank you. Your great EM..

2003-08-11 19:06:42 ET

Actually I'm Pixie Em

2003-08-17 06:40:41 ET

haha, yeah...

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