Fun in the mid west
2003-08-17 06:37:07 ET

Back from Minnesota, burned and mosquito bitten but it was so fun.
But when we were at the Camp part Camp Voyager, before and after the three days of canoeing, there was a great chef, 4 star cordon blu` to be exact it was so good, camp food never tasted so good.
Canoeing was great, and the waters were so clean. It was so cool. I loved it and I would so do it again.
I am however sore, because we paddled for about 10 miles, and we portaged, which is walking between two bodies of water, but all in all it was fantastic.
But I missed SK, and the Internet, I dont think I could live up there. Haha. But it was so beautiful, The Boundary Waters wonderful.

Oh and I went to the Mall Of America. blah blah blah, cool but scary.


2003-08-17 06:44:29 ET

heh...i almost miss minnesota o_O

2003-08-17 06:48:42 ET

really, but its so HUMID there. hum.

2003-08-17 07:23:40 ET

never been to minnesota

2003-08-17 09:37:49 ET

I'm glad you had fun canoeing, I usually go in Missiouri. I never heard of camp food being not only ediable, but satisfying.

2003-08-17 11:40:22 ET

I know it was so good..
Minnesota is nice, to warm, but nice.
And yes canoeing is good, i hope that you all go to minnesota for canoeing

2003-08-17 16:21:21 ET

I'm glad you had fun, Curly. I'm gonna try to call again soon. (The cell phone hasn't been behaving recently.)

2003-08-17 17:10:49 ET

Ok.. i miss you so much, i god i just want to hang out with you.

2003-08-17 17:43:50 ET

i live in minnesota and the "moquiters" are nasty.
it is very humid and hot! where did you go?
the mall of america is fun but dumb. i think its just
because ive been there so many times. was the torrid store open yet?? glad you had fun! <3

2003-08-17 18:37:58 ET

NO I wanted to go to torrid but it wasn’t open yet.
Well I was in Ely. But landed in Minneapolis. Then drove four hours to Ely, because landing in Duluth was almost twice the amount. So yeah.

2003-08-17 19:00:35 ET

yeah, its rather sickeningly humid

almost as sucky as north dakota

2003-08-18 04:09:44 ET

aw. i wonder when thats opening....
yeah its $$$$ to land in Duluth.
did you stop in Duluth??

2003-08-18 05:52:33 ET

Its pretty cool. and seeing lake superior and all..

2003-08-18 08:51:53 ET

i love duluth.

2003-08-19 04:24:22 ET

its way beautiful

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