2003-09-08 10:25:34 ET

I am back. I hooked up amandas computer yesterday evening and now i am back on the net. woot.. i mean i have dial up again which sucks but at least i can talk to people. Its good.
I am getting my self a job today because i need one. i am heading down to the DES job serves thing today yep yep sortly accually.
So who all missed me, i mean i was gone one week but yeah it was weird, my email piled up and it was scary. eep. any who. have a good fun time every one.

2003-09-08 10:47:08 ET

well don't know ya very well still new...
but its nice to see you back :-)

2003-09-08 12:04:55 ET

congrats on the job!

2003-09-08 12:05:41 ET

Kewl, you're from Tucson. I"m from Nogales. So close.

2003-09-08 13:04:12 ET

How's the "living on your own" thing treating you?

Glad you got your net back! I was wondering when you were gonna come back :)

2003-09-08 13:34:30 ET

very glad to have you back.

2003-09-08 15:50:19 ET

Imissed you! Welcome back sweetie!

2003-09-09 05:05:35 ET

CRYSTAL!!!! *humps you*

2003-09-09 11:13:17 ET

Thank you so much. WOOOOt.. you all rule.

Daniel: thanks much..

James: thanks yay.. but not having job yet this bites.. eep..

LQ: yes Tucson, i am moving back to tucson as soon as possible.. i should have never moved her to tempe.

Steve: You are so great. :)

RG/GINGER: haha i feel so loved woot to you .

Mia: muy muchoes (sp) you such a sweet heart.

Rikki:humps back haha.. love you RIKKI

2003-09-10 19:09:37 ET

God I miss my sisters.

2003-09-11 19:11:44 ET

I miss you so much..

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