2003-11-22 20:57:18 ET

I am getting really depressed about not being able to see my family for thanksgiving. I mean, its not fair. and its my first one alone, and its really hard.
If i am lucky i get christmas off. i just hope i can. because i need to spend time with my family.
I am only happy about one thing about working on thanks giving i get time and a half.
i want to cry.
so i think my thanks giving will concist of movies and junk food. blah.
i need to be better.

2003-11-22 22:43:17 ET

i'm sorry... :-\
my mom is suggesting that i don't uhm... visit my family this year on thanksgiving... sort of a long story

but yea... i guess sort of wished i could see 'em... but it's gonna take a bit i suppose..
i hope you get christmas off

2003-11-23 10:20:41 ET

Well I'll be thinking about you. I would so invite you over to ours if I could!

2003-11-23 10:27:49 ET

:) thank you Angel. :) your so great.

Dan, i am sorry, hum.. you should come here for thanksgiving. ;) hehe.. fun with movies and junk food.

2003-11-23 13:34:12 ET

:-) i'm not even really sure where ya live..?... (like state..)... asked that question to certain people and they think you wanna stalk 'em or somethin' O_o... go figure

but yea... i don't know i'll end up visiting my momma's family... but i'll probably only be there till like 3... and then i'm alone for the rest of the day...
which i love that side of the family... but i'd like to see my cousin sharon... my mamie... and vance... just a few people on my dad's side... that it's been awhile
my mamie is like 80 somethin' so i don't know if she's gonna be around forever and stuff :-\... and i guess it bothers me that i haven't seen her in so long... cause i don't wanna think that... i missed out on seein' her... and then not be givin' the opportunity again...

but i guess tis life... :-)...
and if you were like within' a couple hours of me... and my car worked... i would most deffinately be there... i love movies... i watch way too many as it is

2003-11-23 16:13:50 ET

I wish I could be alone for Thanksgiving. I have to deal with my mom, her new boyfriend, my dad, his "lady friend", my brothers, and probably their girl/boyfriends as well. All I want is some eggnog, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a motel room to myself.

2003-11-23 17:44:57 ET

i didn't know you can't come down for thanxgiving... i didn't get a good one last year.. it kind of sux... but i guess it's part of growing up. i'll see if i can make it up there to see you at least for a little while ok?! i love you sweetie

2003-11-23 20:03:35 ET


2003-11-23 20:07:40 ET

Dan: ah i understand. go have fun. ANd i live in Arizona.
Rikki: well i think its good that you have family to go see or be with.
Bre: you should i miss you so much i havent seen you for like twomonths. since your birthday you know. and i miss you. :) i will talk at you later i love you.
Meg: :) thank you.

2003-11-23 20:10:28 ET

I'll e-mail you turky and stuffing. And cranberry sauce.. you know, the kind that comes in a can and is all can shaped.. mmm... processed foods.... *drool*

2003-11-23 20:13:02 ET

hehe.. ;) thanks.. its great knowing people care.

2003-11-23 20:29:17 ET

now, to figure out how to get gravy into the envelope without it leaking.... *runs off to the labatory*

2003-11-24 03:21:41 ET

:-)... arizona... yea really far from here O_o...

i really do hope ya have fun...
i love watchin' movies so that can't be too bad...
what movies are you plannin' on watchin'?

2003-11-24 20:51:03 ET

I dunno.. it will be something i have here. cause i dont have a card for blockbuster or any thing like that.

2003-11-24 22:40:33 ET

awww :-(...

2003-11-26 12:39:31 ET

yeah.. i shoule get one.

2003-11-26 15:27:52 ET

I hope you feel better dear. I'm sorry.

2003-11-26 17:41:16 ET

My family is on crack, Crys. You know my Dad. Argh.

2003-11-27 06:34:41 ET

Yeah.. its true rikki.. but hey atleast i am living right.

Your suchs a sweet heart :) thanks .

2003-11-29 09:43:59 ET

<hugs hugs hugs>

hi, you :-D

2003-11-29 21:03:40 ET

LARS.. you do love me.. :) i miss talking to you. like we used to talk..

2003-12-01 14:35:30 ET

yase me too. need a darned steady internet connection. hopefully ill have one soon enough. missed ya (:

hope all is well and such

2003-12-02 12:11:04 ET

ITs better.. and staying steady for now.

2003-12-02 12:45:18 ET

das ish gut

2003-12-03 19:34:32 ET

I wish i could just take up and leave sometimes though. once i have money enough to last for ever i will MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

2003-12-04 18:06:54 ET

you should come be my roommate!

i need another one ;-P

2003-12-05 08:47:36 ET

:)that would be fun.. hummm i should.. but i dont have the money.. dammit dammit.

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