Doing Laundry
2004-01-17 09:51:36 ET

BUt not my own.. I am trying to be nice and wash his close, mostly because they smell. but yeah. Not only was it gross they are covered in car greese.. EWWWWWWW.. :) hahahaha..
Things you find in guys pockets.
One Socket wrench
one monkey wrench
one screw driver
one red sharpe
Four wrench bits
Three packs of matches
Two girls phone numbers
and a Paystub from his first pay check.

Plus, cigerette butts . but yeah

2004-01-17 09:57:58 ET

wow the most if ind in my boys clothes is a quater.

2004-01-17 10:15:48 ET

haha.. i found four..

2004-01-17 10:16:20 ET

lucky. haha.

2004-01-17 10:17:16 ET

:) woo..

2004-01-17 10:18:13 ET


2004-01-17 10:20:10 ET

I cant keep it tough.
not worth it.
he owes me much more that that.

2004-01-17 10:41:11 ET

who's the boy?!

2004-01-17 12:40:10 ET

i keep a rabid horde of monkeys in my pockets!

2004-01-17 13:22:46 ET

how do you fit yourself into your pocket?!

2004-01-17 17:53:11 ET

cna i have one of the said monkeys?

2004-01-20 08:24:04 ET

ME too i want a monkey.. :)

Andy my new roomate.. hehe..

2004-01-20 10:16:10 ET


2004-01-20 12:55:43 ET

oh, justa roomate, huh?

2004-01-20 17:52:21 ET

why are you washing your roommates clothes?

2004-01-21 09:04:21 ET

I always flip out when girls wash my clothes covertly. I find thongs where my socks should be.

(and guys should wash their own clothes, it's not the ladies job to clean up after us)

2004-01-21 09:40:52 ET

Chris: (shakes head)

2004-01-21 15:57:07 ET

thank you chris!

2004-01-21 20:00:59 ET

dude.. They were in my room and they smelled bad so i washed them.
yes just a roomate.. cause yeah.. i dont think he thinks of me as anything but a friend. and i am ok with that.

2004-01-21 20:04:08 ET

Ah, well, thats the best thing for two people who live in the same house. to just be friends

2004-01-21 20:05:39 ET

Yeah.. well i met him like three weeks ago and ever scence that night he has been sleeping on my couch,.

2004-01-22 02:31:54 ET

Ah, so he's a no-good bum, eh?

2004-01-24 20:18:15 ET

haha.. Nah.. he is pretty cool. but he likes amanda, they always like amanda.
it sucks and makes me sad, that every guy i like likes her dammit dammit.

2004-01-25 02:00:45 ET

I don't know amanda so I don't like her! ;-)

2004-01-25 20:12:48 ET

haha.. well now..

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