2004-04-15 23:06:00 ET

Think you know everything about me? Take the "How Well Do You Know StarTrasher?" quiz I created on Tickle and see how you score.

Just click (or copy and paste) this link and you'll be taken to my quiz.


2004-04-19 15:09:36 ET

I'm sorry, I suck. I don't actually know all that much about you. Oh well. At least I tried, right?

2004-04-19 17:53:20 ET

Boy did I suck at that.

2004-04-21 19:28:59 ET

dude my sisters even failed. dont feel bad.

2004-04-21 19:29:21 ET


2004-04-22 11:02:26 ET

:) woo.

2004-04-26 21:20:30 ET

I ruled that quiz!

2004-04-28 13:44:20 ET

Really now i should have alook.. :) woo hoo..

2004-04-28 13:45:01 ET

cool.. woo hoo.

2004-05-05 13:19:34 ET

you needs to update again!!

2004-05-12 06:23:08 ET

i know..

2004-05-12 06:35:10 ET

How about... a post on cows and how they're black and white and moo a lot?

2004-05-12 06:36:31 ET

yeah and some are brown

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