Alright everyone
2004-05-12 06:27:09 ET

I am still alive... See my still aliveness.
well I am now unemployed. GODDAMMIT. CIRCLE K SUCKS ASS! never work there.
I am heading of to Palm Springs tomorrow. and i am still trying to talk amanda in to making a day Trip up to RIKKI. because i miss her SO SO immencly that i should yell at amanda to do it any way.
BUt yeah..
Um lots a crap i wil live.
I am just not going to whine about it all the time.

2004-05-12 13:21:22 ET

and im...about to get a job at circle k with a friend of mine o_O
oh well

2004-05-12 14:10:09 ET

Hey, how come you never call me? I think I'm going to call you right now actually.

2004-05-12 23:07:50 ET

I AM SORRY.. i would
i had no minutes on my phone i do now though so I will call you tomorrow because its to early in the morning to call you now.


2004-05-13 16:24:25 ET

We don't have a Circle K, but if we did I would boycot it!

2004-05-13 16:36:56 ET

i dunno, circle k's around here seem alright. perhaps its just the az ones? ;-P

2004-05-13 17:36:54 ET

Come see me, and I will make it worth Amanda's time... somehow. :-D

Sorry to hear about the job. :-(

2004-05-18 13:39:26 ET

She wouldnt let me i was tempted to steal her car. but then i would have been lost forever. but once i get a new job i will WILL be out to see you...

2004-05-18 14:04:42 ET

You have to come see me too!

2004-05-19 09:53:45 ET

you never called me back..

2004-05-19 14:01:02 ET


2004-05-28 08:57:33 ET

You still havnt called me..
you dont love me.. haha.. just kidding.

2004-05-28 14:57:23 ET

You know I love you. You can call me you know. :-P

2004-05-28 19:17:33 ET

I know.. but everytime i call you it seems like a bad time.

2004-05-28 21:42:42 ET

Nah, it never is.

2004-06-05 13:43:51 ET

Really. ok i will call you soon then

2004-06-05 20:27:55 ET

You wont be able to get ahold of me til Thursday/Friday, phone got shut off because I didn't pay the bill.

2004-06-06 08:54:49 ET

OK.. then i will call then ok..

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