hear is some of me and my life
2004-07-13 22:25:32 ET

Well looking for a job sucks. I have an interview on Saturday at 1:00pm at a place called Inspired Healing. It is a receptionist job, I really hope I get the job, I need the work so bad, I am going insane here. Maybe I shouldn’t have move back. I am causing so much mental stress on everyone, including myself. I just wish I could be told what to do, and just do it. I don’t want to think for myself right now. Bah to self-awareness and free will. Ha. I never though I would say that, well not unless I was joking. And I sort of am, in a way, I wonder what life would have been like had I never moved to Arizona, just stayed in Washington state and went to the same school as my friends from then. I may have met Rikki a lot earlier than I did, considering she went to the middle school I would have gone to. But would I even be the same person, would I be preppy or still the weirdo I am now? I would hope I would have been a weirdo, because I enjoy being who I am, well most of the time any way. I need to get out and have some fun, on the 26th I am going to go see The Killers it should be fun. I hope so any way.

2004-07-13 22:32:22 ET


2004-07-13 22:35:36 ET

I love you hun

2004-07-13 22:37:10 ET

love you too!
you should be on msn more often ;-P

2004-07-13 23:16:03 ET

good luck with the job hunting. don't ponder on the past either. you're here in az for a reason even if it sux.

2004-07-14 03:54:24 ET

Lollirot: Are you sure, are we really anyone for a reason? Or are we only at the places we are by just some random happenings? bLAH BLAH BLAH

Be strong Crys!

2004-07-14 07:31:11 ET

lars i will try

lollirot: yeah az really isnt that bad though haha..

Angel you are fantastic

2004-07-14 11:50:20 ET

even if it was random happenings, that would still happen for a reason. nothing is random by chance. i mean you can think differently...but i think there is some reason. donnie darko pretty much explains what i think about that. i actually think a lot more about it, but i don't feel like getting into it.

and yeah...az isn't that bad but sometimes ahhhh!

2004-07-14 15:03:17 ET

yep like the summer.

2004-07-14 15:04:41 ET

yeah, i like it when the monsoons come. now that's the best.

2004-07-14 15:22:08 ET

LIke now in tucson. :)

2004-07-14 15:31:13 ET

right now it's dry in nogales. but yesterday it rained all day and night. so it's ok. yay for the rain!

2004-07-14 15:40:57 ET

Cool.. boarder town antics prevail i hope...

2004-07-14 15:41:55 ET

haha just boring -__-

2004-07-14 15:44:09 ET

ah.. I understand..
I lived in SV for almost Five years

2004-07-14 15:47:10 ET

i've heard it's also hella boring there. the only thing to do is prolly get drunk.

2004-07-14 15:50:43 ET

And spend 24/7 at denny's drinking coffee, and smoking the ciggeretts but the cut that off after two hours now.

2004-07-14 15:52:41 ET

yeah, but the denny's here sucks. slow ass service. at least there i bet it was ok.

2004-07-14 15:53:27 ET

i miss the guy that used to work at the dennys in sv.. Jess.. he had a cute butt.

2004-07-14 15:56:55 ET

haha. eye candy is always a good thing. hehee

2004-07-14 17:22:23 ET

Butts... common obsession. Good server, nice butt, makes the day :)

2004-07-14 20:02:02 ET

Yep... Plus he gave me and my group free pie and drinks and shakes and things like that.

2004-07-15 05:05:42 ET

I was saying that yes, everything IS the result of some other happening. But is everything pre-determined? Is there some sort of destiny? I really don't think so, although I'd like to. :P

2004-07-15 07:58:46 ET

haha.. I know what you mean.. i have. simaler views.

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