Guess what !!!!
2004-07-22 12:25:47 ET

Oh yeah..
My car even though its not the best..

PASSED EMMISIONS TESTING.. Woo hooo.. Now I donít have to drive on expired tags any more.. :)

2004-07-22 12:51:16 ET


2004-07-22 12:51:57 ET

Im happy..

2004-07-22 14:54:15 ET

We don't even have emmisions testing here. :-p

2004-07-22 21:02:29 ET

my old town didnt.. SV was good about that.. but
here in tucson, we dont want our city to look like LA

2004-07-22 21:07:23 ET

i didn't know there was emissions testing in this state either O___o. news to me. but i'm glad you got your tags.

2004-07-22 21:08:02 ET

Yep Yep..
yeah.. in small towns like sv and nog. no emissions testing..

2004-07-22 21:14:02 ET

yeah, stupid small towns. they suck! at least you're in tucson.

2004-07-22 21:14:46 ET

haha I know how you feel, my car sucks but I was so excited when it passed!

2004-07-22 21:14:49 ET

yeah.. now i am ..

2004-07-22 21:15:06 ET

It makes it fun to drive again.

2004-07-23 06:01:23 ET

that is always good. now you can drive me aeround. hehehe

2004-07-24 20:45:45 ET

I need to get the oil changed in mine already! ;lkajsdf;oieh!!
hrm, wonder if i could have to do with driving back and forth to phoenix so much... :-pppp

2004-07-25 10:07:17 ET

Me too. I do the same thing tempe to tucson.. bah.

2004-07-26 12:45:36 ET

hrm. maybe we should intersect sometime in our meanderings.

2004-07-26 13:20:00 ET

yeah.. i mean we went to highschool together. even had Algebra 2 together, but never really got to know eachother.

2004-07-26 13:22:02 ET

Well, we're going up to paint the condo thursday, and then the next weekend we're moving the last of my stuff up (furniture, couple more boxes of stuff), and then I'll be up there pretty permenantly. Not doing anything other than settling until school starts.. I think the 20-something-th... I need to buy my text books...

2004-07-26 13:22:44 ET

ah yes.. school i miss school

2004-07-26 13:26:11 ET

I was unable to attend school for a while myself.. I hated it. Even if I don't always like my classes, I'm lost without school. Soemtimes even without a job... oh, the need I have to fill my time.

2004-07-29 08:21:35 ET

Me too. but i dont get to go back yet.

2004-08-01 15:42:06 ET

you will go back, don't worry

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