Here you go
2004-08-16 07:27:59 ET

You know what.
I had a teacher in high school who said something to me that untill now I never though it would be THAT true..

He said "You're not special, yeah sure maybe to your mom and dad you are, but you're not. They tell you in Kindergarden the everyone is special. Well thats bull, to the rest of the world you're just in the way" Mr. Greene

2004-08-16 07:42:08 ET

ok then
what a lovely man!

oh yeah...i like your page redesign!

2004-08-16 08:26:06 ET

I think he's right. You're not special. If you wanted to be special you probably wouldn't be so fat. But you're lazy & fat so you obviously don't care.

2004-08-16 09:55:03 ET

Lars:Thank you..
But you know me i like the colors

WHy the fuck do you care what I look like.
and for your information.
I am way to busy to be lazy.
Matter afact i gotta go.
Because you see I do have better things to do than bitch at some one who just decided to insult me on MY OWN GODDAM PAGE

2004-08-16 10:02:05 ET


2004-08-16 10:12:24 ET

You are so sad.

2004-08-16 10:33:12 ET

not really. quite happy.
Yes i am fat. I know that i am ..
Its not like Im blind

2004-08-16 11:13:55 ET

crys if elisabeth is one of oyur friends then i'm sorry but.

elisabeth just fuck off that is so freaking rude. its a sad thing that there are people like you in this world who have to use other people's pain to make them feel good about themselves.

crys you are a beautiful person. and no matter what she or your teacher says you are special. because there are people who care about you.

2004-08-16 11:16:04 ET

Not my friend never met her and dont care too..

Thank you tabby you are the best..
Youare the greatest person and friend any one could ask for.

2004-08-16 11:18:02 ET

wtf is she doing saying things like that to a person she's never met? man i really just feel sorry for people like that.

you are too hun. its not fair that anyone should be treating you like that.

2004-08-16 11:19:26 ET

Thank you. I feel sorry for her. Its like she was asking for attinion or something.


2004-08-16 11:22:38 ET

yeah. exaclty she wanted to make someone mad.

2004-08-16 11:26:29 ET

it didnt work.. now she is mad.. did you see her page.. she wont be back.

2004-08-16 11:30:51 ET

*smiles very pleased*

2004-08-16 11:31:32 ET

I dont know why she was even on here if we give a bad "vibe"

2004-08-16 11:32:25 ET

yeah. she's just tryign to find an excuse to why she's running away. i think rikki woulda torn into her 100% more then i did.

2004-08-16 12:52:00 ET

wow...that dude sounds like a big fucking dickhead! and this chick is totally messed up...why does she care how you look? that's so superficial. people in this country are too obsessed with weight!

2004-08-16 12:54:46 ET

i decided to stop caring. i myself am a bit big but i cna atleast try ot be healthy.

2004-08-16 13:18:15 ET

yeah you can try and be healthy at any weight.

2004-08-16 18:23:49 ET

ME TOO.. I am just wanted to loose enough weight for the marine corps.. so i can have the funding i need for my lab that i am going to start once i finish my doctorate.

2004-08-16 20:45:23 ET

Crys she's getting a beatdown.
cause she's a damn cunt.
your beautiful just the way you are.

2004-08-16 22:17:14 ET

yeha i wanted to join the airforce but oyu hafta to be a certain weight and i dont make that.

yeah she is i read all the comments people madewhen she said she was leaving hehe i added me houlda added don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

2004-08-16 22:35:03 ET

Crys: You're special to me. :-)

Elizabeth: DO you really have nothing better to do with your time than insult strangers online, where they can't see you? I'm sure you're a real prize. A supermodel, even. And I bet you were valedictorian, and the most popular girl in town. Why don't you go fuck with people in person? Afraid they'll laugh at you? Or kick your ass? Both, maybe?

2004-08-17 10:59:05 ET

Rikki your special to me too.. :)

2004-08-17 13:29:03 ET


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