2004-08-17 13:36:24 ET

My cheast aches.
I dont know why.
Maybe I just smoke way to much.

2004-08-17 13:53:37 ET

quit smoking.. i'll support ya

2004-08-17 14:02:05 ET

Yeah.. I need to its killing me.

2004-08-17 14:18:27 ET

Crys cannot die. You hear me?

2004-08-17 15:17:29 ET

Find someone to yell at you whenever you smoke... thats what I did with my boy...

2004-08-17 15:36:14 ET

yeah you should quit hun. i my throat stopped hurting wheni stopped and yet sometimes i realyl want one. but i hold back. then agian i was not even really addicted.

2004-08-18 06:43:24 ET

I am really addicted.
I wish i had a boy to do that for me.
Yes i hear you Ryan..
I am going to quit after this pack is gone.. Really this time.
I would just throw the pack away but its not my money i would be wasting.
Plus i already smoked to day. i need to start fresh. and no ciggeretts at all.

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