Me and myself
2004-12-04 17:56:06 ET

I'm slowly but surely going insane..
Sort trip I know.
But the slow part makes it seem longer.
But on the other hand I am doing well at Job Corps.
I like it rather well.
I have cool friends.
I wish Rikki were here though.
I am singing in the talent show at school.
Very terrified.
Talk to you later.

2004-12-04 20:44:23 ET

w00t and such
gooc luck at ze talent show

2004-12-04 21:15:52 ET

chin up.

2004-12-04 21:36:15 ET

good luck, even
i can spell sometimes...

2004-12-05 07:45:41 ET

hehe.. Thanks guys..

2004-12-08 17:38:26 ET


Break a leg or two.

2004-12-15 11:59:02 ET

HEHE.. i want to break someone elses legs

2004-12-15 14:21:30 ET


2004-12-16 15:51:35 ET

He has a name too.

2004-12-16 16:21:18 ET

Gimme a name, a photo, and an address.

2004-12-16 19:32:40 ET

HEHE.. ok.. well photo i can do as soon as i go develop my film and address same as my schools and mine cause we live at school.

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