2005-05-03 07:43:49 ET

Well life has been hell yet sort of good, I've been coming to class lately and not skiping which is good. I am so tired its not even funny. I went to bed at 9:30 last night and that is the earlyest I ahave been to bed in forever.
My friend sara lost her baby a few weeks a go but she is dealing really well, her girlfriend is a big help to. Brody and Sara, they are my best friends and they are in love. My little sister is in love now too. now most everyone I know are in love with someone, except me. I am not in love, and may never be. oh well.
I am going to go get photo copies soon for my teach, cause I am an assistant.

2005-05-03 08:10:43 ET

I'm glad to hear you got some rest and I'm sorry to hear about your friend.
I went trough a similar experience a couple of weeks ago. *hugs*

2005-05-03 10:41:03 ET

It's not something you can work toward. Seek and you cannot find.

2005-05-03 19:04:10 ET

word to what andy said

im sure youll find love one day

2005-05-04 06:06:32 ET

Oh my god. I just realized that Linkin Park isn't angsty, they're philosophical! I tried so hard something something but in the end it doesn't really matter? The music is still shit, but... :P

2005-05-04 19:42:27 ET

linkin park wants your hot sex, andy. beware.

2005-05-05 11:08:01 ET

Hmm, yeah, it is pretty hot merchandise. I'll be careful.

2005-05-05 19:08:53 ET

haha.. Thank you guys.
I know love isnt all its cracked up to be but it will be alright. I have good friends and a great family.
Lars and Andy, I miss you all muchies

2005-05-06 10:46:08 ET

And to think I'm only an hour south of you! Rikki said she might be visiting this month, so maybe we can all get together.

2005-05-06 17:35:21 ET

I know she better visit

2005-05-07 14:05:19 ET

Hopefully I'll have the means to drive us. Otherwise we'd have to have you come down.

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