My life as I know it.
2005-06-01 20:38:52 ET

So.. My employers are assholes and have been jerking me around for three weeks. And yet no money to be had.
So today I started looking for a new job.
I need to get out on my own, again.
My friends Sara and Brody want me to move back to Phoenix with them. I can't though. It would be running away from the bigest problem I have ever had to deal with. Me. I would be running away from being myself, my parents made me realize that.
But I hate who I am. I hate the fact that I would give up my right arm for some one, but when I need them they are no were to be found. Yet I would still drop everything in my life to help them out.
Rikki, to me, is the best friend I have ever had, she would do any thing for me and vice versa. I will get to see her tomorrow, so YAY!


2005-06-01 20:48:23 ET

i wanna see her should kidnap her and come to l.a. ;-P

2005-06-01 21:02:22 ET

well she is going back to SeaSide soon. I miss her so much and she isnt even gone.

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