2005-06-15 20:54:43 ET

My head feels as if it is going to explode. Bah to 3 hours of crying. Bah to lying friends who cause it. I hate my life right now. eeegad!!

2005-06-15 22:37:06 ET

I still love you! :-D

2005-06-16 06:24:57 ET

please dont feel that way.

2005-06-19 18:56:30 ET

Holy shit, hun!

3 hours crying = balloon face, so don't float away.

Hope those people know they're dickheads because everyone else does.

Oh yeah, read some comics. They're good for the soul.

2005-06-21 06:41:57 ET

Em yes I had puffy eyes even the next day. and thank you love. YOu make me all smilie..

Christine thank you sweetie. I am feeling better, but still agitated.


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