I hate this....
2006-01-08 19:23:23 ET

I feel so insane lately...
I don't know what to do with myself. I am seriously considering moving out to California. Mostly because Rikki is comming next month and I could just head back there with her.
But I am scared, I have never lived that far from my mom ever! I am a total mommas girl and I don't know what to do. I need to find a job either here or there and I am not sure what to do yet.

I hate my friends in Tucson for the most part, lately all I feel from them is abuse, they use me for my car or something, I need peple my own age. Its hard to meet people. Well if your me it is.

I like this guy named Dan, but I'm not sure if he likes me really. I mean we flirt alot but I still don't know.

Sorry for the ramblings and what not just need to get everything out of my head or I really was going to go crazy.


2006-01-10 17:18:07 ET

Fuck all 'dem hos! When I come to town, you point a finger, and I'll break the bitch on the other end!

2006-01-10 19:48:57 ET

Its not you, its Tucson. You must get out of that place before its too late! Don't get me wrong, my grandpa lives there and its always kinda felt like my second home, but Its just not a place you should live for any long period of time or it gets to you. My dad went to medical school there and was happy for those few years but had to get out after that. Its just a place that isnt really changing with the rest of the world, stuck in the past, not as much change as other places. If you're gonna move to Cali just move somewhere down south, its only a 6 hour drive, piece of cake. If you miss your mom too much you can always come back, no harm done. If you get a job in Tucson, get one at Blue Williow and I will worship you, that place is the best in the world!

2006-01-11 07:38:46 ET

Rikki: God I love you. :) you make it the world a better place

Raven: Yeah, its a hard hard BAH crapy place to live, Still better than Sierra Vista though.. I was thinking of going to med school, but not here, some where else not sure were yet.

2006-01-11 08:11:14 ET

Violence = love.

2006-01-13 17:52:45 ET

haha. Yes yes it does

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