FRIGGIN A.. But soon to be ok
2006-08-19 19:34:48 ET

It seems I've been job-hopping as of late. I loved my Radiology Ltd. job but do to change of supervisors they said they donít need me. They were wrong. lol.
I then worked at El Pueblo Health Centre for like four days. HATED IT WITH A SEETHING PASSION. They said I wasnít a FIT for the job. A fucking trained monkey with a partial lobotomy could do it, I guess I let the fact that I hated it show a little. Now I am working at Codac behavioral health. I dig it so far, itís only been three days but I think it may work for me.

I am bored.

Rikki needs to come now dammit!!!.

Moving shit out of my apartment tomorrow.

Oh I failed to mention. My apt has been broken into TWICE in the past two weeks.
They stole so much. FUCKING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-08-19 19:49:32 ET

that sucks about your apartment. i think its time for a new place.

2006-08-20 03:14:22 ET

i agree with phaery

2006-08-20 09:38:53 ET

Yeah. I am moving out at the end of the month. I have been staying with me ma for a while so yeah.
I am getting packing done today. I hate it so much.

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