2002-10-23 15:06:43 ET

I felt so loved.. It is so nice of everyone to wish me a happy birday yesterday.. :) i mean yay.. i was happyy.. it was great..

I spent the evening in Sierra Vista and came home thismorning.. i got to spend some quality time with brenna.. and that was fun.. she peirced my lower conch for my birtday.. :) it kinda hurts still.. but YAY

2002-10-23 15:13:27 ET

Whats a conch?

2002-10-23 15:17:54 ET

hm.. i will take a pic cant discribe really

2002-10-23 15:26:49 ET

yeah...what is that?

2002-10-23 15:27:35 ET

2002-10-23 15:28:41 ET

cool. i wanna get that pierced too. btw, how old r u? and happy late b-day

2002-10-23 15:29:41 ET

and its fun..

2002-10-23 15:30:57 ET

The conch...is that that lobe like appendage next to the hole on your ear? The pic is a little fuzzy :-X

2002-10-23 15:36:53 ET

can't see the picture *is still confused*

2002-10-23 15:37:29 ET

cool, im still stupid and young i hate it. i wanna be 18 so i can get whatever peircing i want without my dad saying anything about it.

2002-10-23 15:39:15 ET


2002-10-23 16:35:00 ET

haha.. yeah..

2002-10-23 16:43:21 ET

Happy happy birthday to you :) Sorry for not saying so earlier, but circumstances didn't allow. <3 <3

BTW, you linked me funny! Lol

2002-10-23 18:40:22 ET

:) haha.. yeah.. but your grand..

2002-10-24 02:22:57 ET

thank you ;)

Stealing other people's compliments! I'm a bandit!

2002-10-24 06:21:16 ET

haha.. yeah..

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