well its life
2002-10-29 17:41:17 ET

Well i am going to be seeing a therapist again.. the "specialist" or what ever.. hum.. i will more than likely be on new medication.. Woo frigin woo.. More meds to get used to.. damnit.. any way, i bough Prozac Nation today.. so far it is one of the best books to read.. and is one of the best that i have read.. I read alot.. and i made it my goal to read as many books as humanly possible before i am 21 and i get preoccupied with otherthings..any way, life as usual.. i missed class today because i had to go to the doctor, woop de doo.. any who. i need a life..
to much depression lately.. life is so heavily resting on my shoulders.. Yes i may be built like a linebacker, but its still so heavy i cant seem to bring myself out of bed somedays. it is hard..

Current song: thered by chevelle.

2002-10-29 17:44:01 ET

the red is a good song....

2002-10-29 17:44:20 ET

i like it..

2002-10-29 17:57:32 ET

yes, very good song

2002-10-29 17:57:51 ET


2002-10-29 18:31:55 ET

Don't be silly, you could kick any linebacker's ass.

2002-10-30 05:37:09 ET

haha.. thank you.. i think..

2002-10-30 12:21:34 ET

Cheer up Crys. I have not heard that song.

2002-10-30 13:23:49 ET

ah.. well its damn good..

2002-10-30 16:21:32 ET

Be very glad you're able to see one, dear. It might not be needed mucho bad, but it can't hurt.

You're so kind to people, and we're kind to you so that should help. <3

2002-10-30 16:22:39 ET

:) it does.. it really does..

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