2002-11-04 15:08:27 ET

To link it (the actual code):

which gwen are you?

2002-11-04 15:23:06 ET

I got suburban white trash too but check this out

Wanna-be pimp, lol!

2002-11-04 15:33:45 ET

haha oh yeah

2002-11-04 15:34:53 ET


2002-11-04 15:39:06 ET

2002-11-04 15:40:33 ET

Nooo, I bow in your pimpin greatness. Hahah shaft look like a little ho. You officially own me.

2002-11-04 16:31:36 ET

HAHA.. oh yeah.. so great..

2002-11-05 01:01:32 ET

very interesting...oh and i dig your site's new layout ^_^

2002-11-05 05:32:59 ET


2002-11-05 11:28:10 ET

which gwen are you?

2002-11-05 12:17:09 ET

ah! gwen steffani scares me...

2002-11-05 12:26:47 ET

haha. i heart her.

2002-11-05 12:27:48 ET

i used to...i dont dig their new stuff in the least...but thats just my oppingun

2002-11-05 12:33:11 ET

still dig gwen. dig the dancehall. then again, i like a lot of different styles of music.

her new stuff is totally diff from her other/older stuff. digitdigit

2002-11-05 12:41:25 ET

So cool.. :)

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