Just a bunch for teenage ramblings ahead
2002-11-16 11:19:56 ET

Well now, i am in the blah mood, i hate myself. I know i know i shouldent but i do, and no i am not trying to get sympathy, but if wish to comment i say go for it, i mean if i didnt want people to know then i shouldnt write it on her eh.. any way thats the way it goes

I have been having really strange dreams again, mostly because of my meds, well thats the reason i remember them any way. Night before last i drempt i killed my self. It was scary only because i thought that i was over that part, but truly i am not, but i am trying to get better. Any way, Life eh.. Well its a big downer, but you know, it hopefully will get better, well at least i will try to keep telling myself that so i wont go down the crapper so fast anymore...

Well hum.. i realize when i rant like this it is mildly incoherent, or maybe its excesively? i dont know, but it is how i write when i need to just write for writings sake and for my minds sake, and sometimes i add inapropreate punctuation but oh well.. or sometimes none at all. and i spell increasingly bad when i get like this as well, oh well life goes on.. bye bye for now

2002-11-16 11:29:51 ET

Love yourself. I have the same problem with self esteem but we should love ourselves no matter what. ~.~

2002-11-16 11:30:34 ET

i know.. its just blah.. damn the world and my lack of selfesteem..

2002-11-16 11:36:20 ET

i know how you feel. ~.~

2002-11-16 12:13:03 ET

It'll get better *hugs* (you can go ahead and kick me for being cliche, that'll deff make you feel better!)
My meds are.. not doing anything I don't think, but that's alright. But here, there's a cure.. I filched M&M cookies from the caf, I'll share if you like :-)

2002-11-16 17:33:12 ET

Come down here, so I can comfort you.

I love you.

2002-11-16 19:08:50 ET

*hugs* You rock my socks hardcore, Doll!

Life starts to kick your ass, all you have to do is show it who's boss!

<3 <3

2002-11-17 15:32:38 ET

Thank you so much guys.. You make me feel better... a little any way..
rikki: i wish i could..
mmmm.. cookies..

2002-11-17 22:53:26 ET

hmm...well i've been where you are...so i know all those feelings...but i love you...and life WILL get better...life's just sickeningly slow sometimes. but you're a freakin awesome person and you mean alot to me (-: and i mean that

2002-11-18 05:40:47 ET

thank you so much, you have no idea what that means to me..
It sort of like, i am not ment to be happy in this life, but i guess its just like maybe in the next or something, i dont know really. but it helps me alot to know that people like you care about me.. You are a wonderful person your self.. thank you..

2002-11-18 11:36:40 ET


2002-11-18 16:08:01 ET

thank you again

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