2002-11-21 17:17:03 ET

Finished Ryanís letter today.. Finally, I have been so procrastinate... and now itís done.. I am mailing it tomorrow so Ryan should get it hum.. Mondayish...
Who else wants me to write them a real letter?. ???
I am bored, and need to get entertainment so yeah..

Yes so yeah, Therapy tomorrow. it will be interesting.

2002-11-21 17:18:04 ET

Me, pick me!

2002-11-21 17:19:02 ET

OK... really i will it will be fun

2002-11-21 17:19:32 ET

Do you want my address?

2002-11-21 17:20:09 ET

yes yes that would be good.. PM me it so i can get started.. WOO HOO

2002-11-21 18:27:45 ET

Write me a letter and I shall write back!
Mail is fun :)

2002-11-21 18:29:57 ET

/whois Ryan

2002-11-21 18:51:04 ET

you can write moi if you want ^_^

and good luck tomorrow...

2002-11-21 19:17:03 ET

I'm HORRIBLE about writing people. :-\

2002-11-22 03:55:47 ET

Awwww, poor Rix.

2002-11-22 05:46:13 ET

Pixie i will write you a letter too.. PM me the address woo hoo

2002-11-22 19:39:25 ET

I shall do so :)

2002-11-23 06:32:11 ET


2002-11-23 09:30:46 ET

Thanks for writing me a letter, I look forward to receiving it and writing back!

2002-11-23 09:39:36 ET


2002-11-23 12:20:10 ET

Is it long?

2002-11-23 18:11:04 ET

well a couple of pages...

2002-11-25 13:16:09 ET

Yay! I want to go to the mailbox, but I'm sick and its too cold my mom says. Maybe I can get her to do it.

2002-11-26 06:17:40 ET

:) woo hoo.. hope you get it soon

2002-11-26 10:32:43 ET

It should definately be here today (Tuesday)! I just have to wait for my mom to return with the mail because I'm still sick. :P

2002-11-26 16:18:52 ET

:) well YAY.. woohoo.. and a bottle of rummdedumm

2002-11-26 16:31:45 ET

Its not hear unfortunately :(. It will be here tomorrow though, I'm confident in that!

2002-11-27 06:22:04 ET

Ok.. well i hope it did not get lost if not i will write you again.. if you dont get it today.. k..

2002-11-27 12:11:44 ET

Okay dokey. I need to go check the mail today it will be here.

2002-11-28 10:29:57 ET


2002-11-28 10:37:54 ET

Happy Thanksgiving! Oh and yes, to the mailbox with me. Your letter has to be here!

2002-11-28 10:38:45 ET

i hope so

2002-11-28 10:54:15 ET

It is still not here. :( perhaps I gave you the wrong address or something.

2002-11-29 09:31:37 ET

dont know.. or the post didnt do it right.. or it gotlost.. or something

2002-11-30 10:46:35 ET

Yeah, I'm sure that it will turn up sometime.

2002-12-03 10:10:10 ET

yeah.. hum..

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