Too Aunt Ginnie's House I go..
2002-11-27 06:24:11 ET

Well i am off to Georgia in About an hour we will leave for the airport.. Hum.. I love going there.. it is great..
Well i should be able to get on while i am there, but if i am not i will be back sunday.. Hum.. :) big smiles and grins for all of whom i love.. YAY.. hum.. i will talk with you guys later.. i love you all smoochies.. woo hoo..
L0v3.. hehe..

2002-11-27 06:58:27 ET

Dammit! I wanted to hang out!! :-P

Have fun.

2002-11-27 08:17:23 ET

Yeah, have fun Crystal!!

2002-11-27 12:41:36 ET


2002-11-27 13:12:51 ET

hope you have a good time (-:

2002-11-28 04:48:38 ET

Bye bye lady! <3

2002-11-28 10:31:20 ET

you guys are so great.. I LOVE YOU GUYS

2002-11-28 11:56:49 ET


i love u too! ^_^

2002-11-28 19:47:51 ET

:) Yay!

2002-11-29 09:33:05 ET

you guys make me happy

2002-12-01 22:27:50 ET

Have fun in Georgia...I have a friend there...and I am feeling a roadtrip coming

2002-12-03 10:09:30 ET

i did.. its nice..

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