2002-12-05 16:50:44 ET

well i am very neglectent.. but its ok.. Hum.. what has everyone else been up to in the past week or sow.. ?? me not much i got to drop my algebra class so WOO HOO.. i am excited about that..

2002-12-05 16:53:13 ET

hmmm...not a damn thing. I hate math!

2002-12-05 16:55:24 ET

me too .. GAH

2002-12-05 16:58:47 ET

hrm... finals... it's SNOWING.... (hehehe).... coming home on the 11th.... and... um... I went to a concert with m0x. That's about all my excitement.

2002-12-05 17:30:04 ET

math should just die.

2002-12-05 17:38:00 ET

I am the worst at mental math! I use a calculator for everything, I am useless without it.

2002-12-05 17:45:45 ET

What I don't understand is in math the teacher makes us learn all of this stuff, but then lets us use a calculator for the whole assignment. It's kinda pointless.

2002-12-05 17:59:47 ET

I've been up to... stuff! Fabulo time, actually.

No Algebra? How will you survive when you have to find exactly how many peanut butter m&m's you can fit into Shaq's shoe??


2002-12-05 18:46:44 ET

Hmmmm, I'm sensing a lot of math hostility in here. Math is your friend! Don't neglect your friends!

2002-12-05 18:51:44 ET

math = playa hata

2002-12-05 18:52:42 ET

math = regulata

2002-12-05 18:53:03 ET

math = death masta

2002-12-05 18:55:34 ET


Math math
unlocks the path
'fore you take a bath
set it off with math
Best not playa hate
gotta regulate
Consentrate on the path thats straight
From side to side
from land to land
stand up be heard
Gotta make a plan
If things don't add up, don't flip yo lid
Remember yo math and you'll do fine!

2002-12-05 18:56:39 ET

go white boy, go white boy

But math is so BORING

2002-12-05 19:02:19 ET

I'll give ya that. lol, no way around it, boring with a capital G

2002-12-05 19:07:32 ET

Ja! And you have to take that *eek* college mathamasticks, how your brain can take it is beyond me

2002-12-05 20:15:50 ET

oh ive been up to this...AND that

btw your new page layout r0x0rz...like it way better than the other one ^_^

2002-12-07 07:03:10 ET


Math isn't that bad, but it's just odd the stuff they make you do. "Kay's K-9 Kennel needs 40 pounds of dog food with vitamin A and 30 pounds of dog food with vitamin B. They make a mixture with another dog food with both vitamin A and B. To have a balanced diet, there has to be 60% of vitamin A and 40% of vitamin be in the final mixture. Find the amount of mustard in the dog food."

2002-12-07 09:26:57 ET

oh i like math just fine. I am just not good at it to much.. but i will live.. i am retaking it next semester any way so yeah.. han.. diddd.. ok..

2002-12-07 18:33:44 ET

It's a necessary evil :)

2002-12-07 19:37:19 ET

yeah.. Its evil, but it helps with life i guess.. it helps problem solving.. hehehe.. hum...


2002-12-07 19:39:30 ET

i still say m00f.

2002-12-07 19:43:46 ET

moof.. hehe..

2002-12-07 19:44:43 ET


barking cows go MOOOOF

2002-12-07 19:45:11 ET

hehe.. thats great.. what kind of cows bark?

2002-12-07 19:45:13 ET


2002-12-07 19:54:39 ET

um...barking cows! that kind.

2002-12-07 19:55:08 ET

actually most cows bark, but the government just doesnt want you to know this.....

2002-12-08 13:08:12 ET


2002-12-08 13:44:55 ET


2002-12-08 16:23:52 ET

I get to be Devestation on your bio! That kicks! Thanks Crys!

2002-12-08 16:59:33 ET

I get to be as.. w00t w00t

2002-12-08 17:39:36 ET

:) woo hoo.. :)

2002-12-09 13:02:33 ET

and i am people!! :-D

guess this means im not just a person anymore...or something like that

2002-12-09 13:05:10 ET

haha yeah..
I just randomly did it except for Rikki's... cause its just fun ness

2002-12-09 13:50:11 ET


2002-12-09 15:40:58 ET


2002-12-09 16:47:46 ET

My friend Mich started the "moof" at bible camp. Much hilarity. Ask someone what a barking cow would sound like and that's what they'd prolly say.

2002-12-09 23:41:25 ET

cuz its true <nods>

2002-12-10 06:04:43 ET

haha thats great..

2002-12-12 15:00:34 ET


2002-12-13 08:46:54 ET


2002-12-14 10:06:06 ET

HI CRYS I MISSED YOU and dammit if I can make it out of Statistics with the world's most genious man as the teacher then you can do algebra lol. Anyways I missed you and guess what......if you still decide you are going to Washington University i know like a couple other people who are going to go YAY PARTY!!!! see yas

2002-12-14 22:49:40 ET

OH YeAH.. i miss you too... so tired..................

2002-12-22 16:20:35 ET

I missed both of you! *tear... I love you two so much! *tear. hehe

2002-12-23 08:31:17 ET

:_ yay.. i love you too..

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