Good times good times..
2002-12-14 23:01:38 ET

Well we went and had fun today and night.. WOO HOO>.... i am in pheonix by the way.. any who.. We went to breakfast at dennys on me then went to this awsome metaphysical moon shop.. we got herbs and insence it was a grand time.. THen we went to the strip club.. good times good times.. Rikki got special treat ment.. it was cool...
Then we went to Mill ave and played hacky sack with some dood.. name charlie.. he was a cootie...And had a pretty dog named Tia. then we went and danced with the hippies and the bongos. ANd i met Draco.. So hot.. and nice.. and i got his email and gave him my phone number.. Cell any way so its fun.. he is friends with lilypad, she is really pretty and due in about 5 months.. every one is getting pregnet any more.. its crazy.. hurmm then my head wanted to explode and i came home.. woo hoo.. still not my home still amandas.. but tomorrow i am going home its good good tmes.. woot.. and yeah..
Sorry about grammer and spelling.. it is a little later than i am used to staying up and i am tired.. 2:14 in the morning crazy times man crazy times.. i want to move here. oh yeah.. Tempe is great.. :O)

Love you all.

2002-12-14 23:27:46 ET

hehe....dancing with hippies

sounds like fun times...

2002-12-15 00:15:19 ET

w00t for good times (-:

2002-12-15 02:56:27 ET

Crys, I know you don't want to hear this, but there's no other way to say it, so I'll just say it.

I'm pregnant, and it's with YOUR baby!

2002-12-15 03:08:09 ET


2002-12-15 11:29:19 ET

oo... I am gonna be a Daddy.. or Mommy.. :-|

2002-12-16 05:43:19 ET


2002-12-16 11:27:48 ET

Glad you had a good weekend! what happened?

2002-12-16 15:23:08 ET

well we Went to the strip club and mill ave.. and Hung out with the Gutter Punks. Homeless doodz it was... great...

2002-12-16 16:08:14 ET

oh, okay. I thought that something especially great happened yesterday too. :) A strip club, eh?

2002-12-16 16:58:37 ET

Oh no.. Yeah.. it was fun.. really.. Nothing yesterday..

2002-12-17 12:02:39 ET

Sounds like you had a fabulous time :)

"special treatment" LOL

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