2003-01-03 23:40:47 ET

Interesting tv shows are on at 2 in the morning.. i need sleep.. gah.. this bites.. body is going blah blah blah... but yeah..

new favorite 80's TV show: Square pegs.. its good fun fun

2003-01-04 02:09:10 ET

better than triangular pegs?

2003-01-04 08:35:01 ET

lol silly crys *hugs*

2003-01-05 16:07:10 ET

hey crystal, do ya have aim?

2003-01-05 19:46:34 ET

YES I DO.. woo hoo... its xxSpider003xx YAY.. any way..

I know i am silly

2003-01-06 07:42:50 ET

try watching the sex lady.. -nods- she's fun to watch..

2003-01-06 10:42:12 ET

huh? what is that.

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