I have been very neglectful of my sk account.. but NO MORE.. i say.. NO MORE..
2003-01-07 15:46:59 ET

how has every one been?? me not so bad really.. just a tad bored.. but other than that i am fine.. I bought a rat.. i may have to give him back to the pet store.. my parents had forbiden me to have one again.. and i went out and bought it any way.. which on my part was kinda stupid.. but i will live..
hurm.. i am sore.. my back hurts... dammit.. and all that junk.. i am just a whiner today.. plus it hurts do press the damned space bar because i sliced my thumb open but good.. so yeah..
so yeah..

I decided......

THat i will start to date again.. its been so long.. so i am gunna.. hum..
i dont knwo what else to day.. woot..


2003-01-07 16:03:18 ET

How did you slice your thumb?
We loves ya back.

2003-01-07 18:11:14 ET

:) YAY.. um.. i was messing with a razor blade.. and it sliped.. it hurt like hell

2003-01-07 18:20:59 ET

ouch. that hurts. :o). ~.~

2003-01-07 18:38:31 ET

yeah.. it does..

2003-01-07 18:57:34 ET

I have been pretty neglectful myself. Welcome back. Hope your thumb feels better soon.

2003-01-07 18:58:05 ET

yeah...me too.. cause hurting sucks

2003-01-08 08:12:05 ET

Good to hear you're ok. I'm five by five...

2003-01-08 08:20:54 ET

Yes.. five by five, indeed.. i am me..

2003-01-08 08:27:03 ET

It's hard to read your font on my screen.

2003-01-08 08:28:20 ET

reallyy the font or the color.. i like my font..

2003-01-08 08:30:18 ET


2003-01-08 08:30:55 ET

ah.. so i will change them..

2003-01-08 09:02:35 ET

Much better. Pretty.

2003-01-08 09:03:00 ET

;) cool

2003-01-08 11:19:56 ET


2003-01-08 11:54:00 ET


2003-01-08 11:55:05 ET

Hehe, come on AIM and send me messages!

2003-01-08 11:56:20 ET


2003-01-08 11:58:10 ET


2003-01-08 11:59:22 ET


2003-01-08 12:01:19 ET


2003-01-09 01:53:55 ET

(sorry for the way late response, ive been busy with crap lately so i fear ive been getting somewhat neglectful myself)



2003-01-09 09:50:12 ET


2003-01-09 12:15:39 ET


well if you say so ^_^

you're more sexy tho so HA!

2003-01-09 12:16:09 ET


2003-01-09 12:54:05 ET

hrm...if you say so...you're too kind ;-)


um um but but but...you're...um...UBER-SEXY-BABE-A-FANTASMALICIOUS! so ha!

2003-01-09 14:05:40 ET

Yeah she is!

2003-01-09 14:07:29 ET


yay! 2-to-one!

2003-01-09 14:09:29 ET


2003-01-11 11:12:29 ET

;( but i have to win.. Fine. you guys win.. but your both super FUCKINGSEX on a stick

2003-01-11 13:08:31 ET

well...if you say so ;-P

2003-01-11 14:11:05 ET

I dont think that I have ever been called super FUCKINGSEX on a stick but I kinda like the ring to it. Thanks Crys!! :P

2003-01-11 17:30:35 ET

;) well i think you guys are sexy.. k.. :) I love you guys..

2003-01-11 18:07:35 ET


...but you're still sexier!!!


2003-01-12 12:28:15 ET


you make me blush

2003-01-13 01:40:30 ET

woo! :-D

2003-01-13 08:31:24 ET

L) you really did you know

2003-01-13 12:41:39 ET

you only blushed because you are so much sexier than us!

2003-01-13 13:41:06 ET

nuhuh.. but i did blush.. because i think its weird when people find me attractive, because i am incecure

2003-01-14 01:15:56 ET

well pshaw...you'z hawt...live with it ;-)

2003-01-14 07:14:00 ET

:) thank you..

so is you.. so you must too..

2003-01-14 10:13:51 ET

I concur with TurboSkanker.

2003-01-14 12:51:02 ET

:) thank you much..

you are uber sexy... did you know athat

2003-01-14 13:34:46 ET

Nope, but now I do. ;)

2003-01-14 14:58:42 ET

:) good.. good.. i am glad you know now

2003-01-15 10:41:25 ET

"Did you know that...?"
"...now you know!"
Bill Nye was a pimp!

2003-01-15 15:09:22 ET

haha.. right

2003-01-15 15:14:44 ET

lol just smile and nod

2003-01-15 15:15:29 ET


2003-01-15 15:16:14 ET

You have a nice smile by the way...

2003-01-16 00:20:08 ET

yes! bill nye's the f00king man! i still watch him whenever he's on noggin. and i always use that 'DID YOU KNOW THAT!?' quote too...

its also fun adding 'of science' to the end of various things like he does.

this is my reply to crys' message string of science

2003-01-16 05:16:49 ET

Crys' string of science...

Crystal LOVES SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

2003-01-17 00:03:15 ET

woo! so do i! and so does bill nye!!

2003-01-17 09:13:30 ET

hehe oh yeah..

2003-01-17 14:48:42 ET

I love science.

2003-01-17 16:19:03 ET

<dexter-esque voice>

it is a fine day! for science!

2003-01-18 11:00:45 ET

:) oh yeah.. :)

2003-01-18 23:40:55 ET

it is a fine day...for crys! :-D

2003-01-19 14:42:56 ET

Every day is Turbo ;)

2003-01-19 17:28:13 ET


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